April Showers

It is the season for baby showers and wedding showers! I am officially promoting myself to SVP of the shower planning committee.  If you happen to find yourself being charged with planning and/or hosting a shower, let me depart some wisdom on you and walk you thru my fool proof plan to make it chic and cute, yet not break the bank.

From a budgeting standpoint, you will most likely throw multiple showers in your lifetime, so instead of choosing a theme (aka pink bunnies or blue tiny elephants, etc.)  go for timeless pieces that can be used over and over again and at ALL COST avoid themes!!!  Otherwise, your money literally is going straight to the trash.  When I am co-hosting, I let the other ladies know the theme will be “British tea party” or “southern garden party” or “vintage chic” so I can reuse all my stuff in new ways that look classy and still do not break the bank, but also gives them input and something to contribute ideas towards. Basically, you are giving the unstylish people a voice.  Anyways, here we go…

Ongoing Shopping

Things you should start collecting at thrift shops when you see them: vintage lace tablecloths and mismatched  sets of china.  I typically only purchase tea cups and saucers.  Saucers also make fabulous mini dessert plates. These will run you about $2-$3 an item.


I cannot stress the importance of an invitation.  This is not only a keepsake for the bride or mommy to be, but really sets the tone for your event.  You don’t want people showing up in yoga pants (there is a time and place and they are: Yoga Studio, Target and Chic-Fli-A). Ladies e-vites are a big no no! I typically order thru Etsy, because I like supporting small business owners.  Also, they typically will allow you to customize and you are buying a digital file, so can print as many or as few as you like. I  look at wedding invitations and ask the shop owner to repurpose for a shower.  If I am pressed for time, then I always go to Minted as my back up plan.


From a food perspective, this completely depends on the time of day and your budget, but is a great place to scale back and DIY.  Some must haves for every event is a cake and mimosas.  I am a huge fan of the mimosa bar, as it also encourages mingling with others who may be attending alone.  My favorite, however, is the naked cake.  This was 2015’s hot wedding trend, but oh my goodness, SO PRETTY and easy to do at home.  Baking, minimal frosting needed and no decorating skill needed and garnish with flowers or berries.  Boom, fits all color schemes too!

Other Tid Bits

Remember, you are making memories for someone close to you and details matter.  I like to think about things functionally then add a little extra.  My go to for my A game parties, putting flowers in the ice cubes for drinks, simple floral arrangements which I can DIY, and the scent of my home\host home.

I use, reuse and recycle all my shower gear, and will for years to come! Now invitations and flowers are all I need to purchase.  Great long term plan, for the social gal!

images via google.com, mine to follow in future post


Friday Favorites


Happy Friday!  One of my favorite and timeless spring patterns is stripes.  Check out this round up of spring shoes!

Bejeweled Flats , Bow Heels , Boat Shoes , Satrapy Flats

Updates to our Kitchen

I have officially exhausted our window of time waiting for Joanna Gaines’ to release her home furnishing line and make my dream table a reality. But, with Easter around the corner (10 days yikes!) and 2 brunches to host, we have got to make a decision ASAP, which I am completely cool with.  Table shopping is my jam, it is my favorite piece to shop for other than lighting.  First, I bring to you a SAVE v. SPLURGE!

Splurge Table @ $2595,  Save Table @$699 AND currently 17% off of that!

While, I wish I could do my entire home in Restoration Hardware furnishings, we are just not in that financial position, but I do plan to purchase my chairs from RH.


RH Chairs @ $99 (similar and more budget friendly here)

And, finally we come to kitchen lighting.  Once again, I would LOVE to drop a couple thousand dollars in RH, but can’t so here is where we land. These fun shaped glass pendants will find a home above the island, and this industrial pendant for above the table.  I wanted to keep it very simple in kitchen.

Glass Pendant , Large Pendant


My Go To Travel Outfit

With so much traveling for my job, I must say I am becoming an expert at packing light and keeping things comfortable on the plane. So I Bring to you my fool proof and go to outfit. #nailedit


Tunic old from Target, same style Tunic but in yellow, Jacket , Flats

First and most importantly, shoes are something that one should always consider when flying.  They need to come off easy, be comfortable to walk long distances in,  and keep my feet warm on the plane.  Outside plane= 79 degrees, Inside plane= -22 degrees.  Okay, maybe a little bit of an exaggeration, but I’m sure you get the point. Anyways, I recommend a basic ballet flat.

Leggings.  BOOM… enough said.

If one wears leggings and does not wear a size 0-2, then you should always cover that booty.  A light weight tunic typically does the trick, layered with a sweater or lightweight jacket.

Then accessorize.  Not shown in this photo is a massive red purse for a pop of color and to store my iPad, sunglasses, iPhone, makeup, lap top, headphones, gum, the entire country of China, etc.

As always, I spend my money on accessories, here is Mt Tote  and a similar more Budget Friendly Tote .

Beach Style

So this week I received an email from American Airlines, basically telling me that my miles are use them or we are going to hike up the miles needed to actually go anywhere so you have saved them for nothing!  So, I panicked as usual and called my husband.  So…we are going on vacation and it’s time to start planning/shopping.  It also turns out I have accumulated enough miles ( I love my job) to take two vacations.  So our plan is to hit Palm Springs in April and Miami in July.  I am still sorting through those details, but started shopping while on the world’s most boring and unnecessary conference call.  So, I bring to you one bad ass( sorry mom) splurge v. save and all the other goodies that have made it to my shopping cart today!

 $319 Splurge Scalloped Suit , $44 Save Scalloped Suit

White Cover-Up , Teal Tassel Cover-Up , Straw Tote , Asset Towel ,

Pattern Monokini , Halter Swimsuit , Wedges


Out with the Old

And in with the PINK!!!  When planning my spring beauty routine, I chose products that would inspire me to feel fresh and feminine.  Lately, I have found myself craving femininity in my work life; I am sick and tired of blending in with the boys at work and want to embrace spring’s soft pinks, blushes and corals.  Like always, I try to limit my pieces so I do not blow my budget.  Quality v. Quantity is the name of the game.  Here is what I am going for…

Below are my top (and only) spring make up products, some new/some old, but I cannot express my new found love for this blush in words!  I purchased it because was prettily packaged and, well, the marketing got the best of me.  But, I LOVE it!

imageCoral Blush , Lipstick in Madison Ave , Mascara

From a beauty standpoint, and moving past makeup, I also wanted to focus on sustaining beauty care and body maintenance.  I am often guilty of neglect in this area. So this is where I am embracing the fresh and more natural skin look.


Self Tanner , Ted Baker Lotion , Perfume

Easter Dresses

One of my favorite things about Easter, outside of its religious stance, is the fact that everyone dresses up in their NEW dresses!  This means, no complaining from Mr. Holt when I bring home a fun girly, floral church dress.  I have rounded up my favorites for this spring and trying to stay within a reasonable budget. Happy Shopping!


White Dress , Pattern Midi Dress , Floral Dress , Gingham Dress , Blush Modern Dress