Bridal Shower!

We are currently counting down days, not weeks, until my baby sister gets married.  This weekend, I hosted her bridal shower in my home, which was a welcomed distraction to take my mind off of IVF and put my energy into something enjoyable.  I really enjoy planning and hosting, but my sweet husband in an effort to reduce my stress, hired a cleaning lady the day before, who proceeded to ask us if we were house poor…I mean WTF!!!! Clearly, she has never paid for IVF!  A new first for me in life, being judged by the cleaning lady.  We have laughed about this all weekend.  Anyways, enough rambling and bring on the photos!

For decor, I kept things very simple with lots and lots of greenery and flowers.  I actually bought all the florals at Kroger and most of the roses were from the clearance bin, so they cost me between $6-$8 per dozen.  Not bad if you ask me.  The greenery was $4-$5 per bunch.  I used 6 bunches of greenery and 4 dozen roses.   I had made my arrangements and garland for the fireplace, which took me about 40 minutes. This is one of my favorite go tos for showers. I had countless people ask me if it was real and where I bought it…success!


Vase old (similar here), Sofa , Kitchen Chairs , Kitchen Table

For drinks, we kept things simple.  I cut up fresh mint and cucumbers and froze them into giant cubed ice cubes, to put into a dispenser for infused water.  Then I made a batch of white virgin sangria. I’ll post the recipe another time, but it looks and tastes amazing.  For a kick you just add white wine to spice it up!  I displayed these in the kitchen to keep the sticky secluded to one area.  🙂


Cocktail Shaker , Bar Tools , Drink Stands , Drink Dispenser

For the menu my plan was to keep it light to avoid having to provide a full meal.  We had a cheese and fruit tray, lemon and fruit tarts, blueberry infused goat cheese tarts, watermelon and feta skewers and mini caprese salad skewers.  Instead of volume , I focused more on the presentation.  I ran butcher paper down our dining room table with the intentions to creatively write around the serving pieces what was on them, but…ran out of time.  I always need like 45 more minutes then I think I do.


imageCheese Knives , Wood Platter , Flatware , Plates , Table ,

I am a firm believer that details are so super important with these types of gatherings.  I wanted to really focus on all senses so created a playlist of sweet love songs, that were covered by unknown artists and instead of playing them through an iPad or speakers, I purchased this gramophone, which made the sound so full and kind of vintage in sound (not sure if it makes sense), but I would HIGHLY recommend this product before it sells out!  I also picked up a handful of these candles from Anthropologie.  Marcy loves the smell and they tied in with the copper accents.  I LOVE them!!!


Maxi Dress

The day was so fun and my heart is so full watching my baby sister on her journey of love to become Mrs. Douglass!


Fixer Upper & A New Table

The day is almost here!!! I ordered a table for our kitchen nook the opening weekend of Joanna Gaines’ furniture release and it is scheduled to arrive on May 13th!  I blogged about this table here , but it is almost here.  In honor of my LOVE for Fixer Upper and my new table, I have rounded up a few items to add to my Magnolia wish list!

Magnolia Market

Now, I will need to locate knock offs and start saving some $ before Mr. Holt starts banning Fixer Upper from the DVR! 🙂

Updates to our Kitchen

I have officially exhausted our window of time waiting for Joanna Gaines’ to release her home furnishing line and make my dream table a reality. But, with Easter around the corner (10 days yikes!) and 2 brunches to host, we have got to make a decision ASAP, which I am completely cool with.  Table shopping is my jam, it is my favorite piece to shop for other than lighting.  First, I bring to you a SAVE v. SPLURGE!

Splurge Table @ $2595,  Save Table @$699 AND currently 17% off of that!

While, I wish I could do my entire home in Restoration Hardware furnishings, we are just not in that financial position, but I do plan to purchase my chairs from RH.


RH Chairs @ $99 (similar and more budget friendly here)

And, finally we come to kitchen lighting.  Once again, I would LOVE to drop a couple thousand dollars in RH, but can’t so here is where we land. These fun shaped glass pendants will find a home above the island, and this industrial pendant for above the table.  I wanted to keep it very simple in kitchen.

Glass Pendant , Large Pendant


Super Bowl Sunday

We hosted my in laws this weekend for the Super Bowl.  This was our first mini-event in our new home.  We made tacos, salsa and guacamole ( because you know I’m all about that guac!) as well as homemade cookies rocking the Broncos’ colors!

Drink Stand , Bowl , Wood Drink Trough , hobnail glasses old ( similar here )

We also made our first big furniture purchase over the weekend from Restoration Hardware’s warehouse sale.  If you live in the DFW area you HAVE to check this out.  This $3500+ farm table was ours for $1100 and it is in GREAT condition.  (warehouse located in North Richland Hills).  As I was channeling my inner Joanna Gaines (Fixer Upper reference), I also took home an awesome chandelier for $274, that my husband will be installing this weekend.


Light , Table

We are also shopping living room furniture currently and excited for what is in store for this space in the future.  Also needing to find some dining room chairs before Easter. (And plates, napkins, decor, blinds, flatware, etc.).  Any ideas on the perfect charcoal paint either?



Gnome Sweet Gnome

We have finally made the move to the new house and have been busy to say the least.  Turns out trying to unpack, complete paperwork, shop for appliances and furniture is a time suck, especially during heavy work periods.  Anyways, here we go with pics!

This is the outside of our house.  We chose to elevate the roof and add up lighting. The landscaping leaves more to be desired, but we will start working on it this spring.

This is looking in from our front door and then into the soon be office, where I would love to put floor to ceiling shelves and a large plush chair, but love the french doors.

Heading past the office is the dining room. I am thinking charcoal walls here…soon!


This is our living room/kitchen.  I was insistent on white cabinets and subway tile.  We customized our island and extended it to maximize storage space plus I love the clean lines and stainless farm sink!!!  We also opted in for double ovens(boom) and a carrera marble look alike counter.

I also LOVE our stone fireplace!


Our backyard is tiny, but our back porch is awesome.  We added a gas drop, extended our patio and added tv and speaker wiring out here. Also, a big spend are for us. We are currently debating sectional v. table…TBD.  To to the right is our bedroom. I love that the hardwoods are carried out in here.


Heading into the bathroom.  I LOVE the shower, the builder grade mirrors and light…not so much. I’ll be making changes here eventually. (Paint color is March Winds by Sherman Williams).

We also have another bedroom and bathroom downstairs.  I love the dark walls in these bathrooms.

Upstairs host a game room, media room and this awkward space which I have no clue what to do here. (Media paint color is Peppercorn by Pottery Barn for Sherman Williams).

The mini-hall upstairs leads to 2 bedrooms and a third bathroom.

I am more than excited to start decorating this 3400 sq. ft. house and turn it into our home.  The journey is beginning slowly but surely. We feel so blessed!




Life According to my iPhone

It has been quite quiet over here, but not at all in life.  Building a new home is like taking on a new career.  No one could have prepared my for this after the excitement wore off in July and now it’s back as we are exactly 30 days until closing and the countdown is on.  Over the next month life will consist of working, packing, and finishing up home selections!  Without further rambling, this sums up my life lately…

Let There be Light!

And preferably pretty ones!  I am quickly learning lighting can make or break a room and is a relatively cheap way to transform a space but has a TON of impact. Plus you can take it with you! The lighting for our new house is awful at best, so I have come to terms that eventually ( over a VERY) long period of time I will need to replace all our lighting fixtures.  I am expecting this to take months and maybe years.  That said, I am already shopping and browsing for the right pieces for our space.  After much research around “layering” lighting, I have learned that each room needs a minimum of 3-4 layers, ceiling lighting is 1 of those layers…yikes $$$$!!!!  The lighting in our new home is mostly boob lights.  That’s right, our flush mount lights look like big old boobs on the ceiling. Something like this…


Here are a few of my favorites which I am exploring right now.  They are all from Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, Lowe’s and Lamps Plus.

And what would a home post be without a progress photo!




Our home planning process continues.  They began framing our home this week and I nearly lost it when we drove by on Saturday to finalize some design selections. I will share them in a future post, but this post is all about my plans for where I am going to get my Zzz’s.

I want a space that is calming and neutral.  A place where everything can be touched and lived in.  I want a place my husband feels comfortable ( pink is off limits). BUT….we got to have some style and interest too.  Too much blandness is NOT good.  So for me that means textures, industrial lighting with Edison bulbs, color dimension and just a tad of metallic.  ( aka restoration hardware galore!).

Here is a little look at our our framing…obviously not completed.


For fun, this was basically the highlight of my Sunday when my husband went to the Cowboys game!