Weekend Shopping

Every weekend I typically make 2 stops…1) HOMEGOODS and 2) TARGET.  I want all our items in our home to be touchable and comfortable and flow from space to space, but more importantly I want it to feel built over time, other then the look that screams “my whole house was purchased one weekend at rooms to go.”

So, I usually pick up 1-2 things per weekend even if they are small like a candle.  This way there is always something new and the small space never becomes stale.

Okay, but first lets start with a laugh. Check out this piece of work I saw at HOMEGOODS.


Do people seriously buy this stuff? Looks like thanksgiving exploded on this dish.

But on a more serious note, I picked up silverware, because heaven knows we needed it.  Our home has had disappearing forks lately.


Then these cute little urchins at Target for $20.  I’d been looking for one to put on our coffee table, but they are always $150+.   I put the mid size one on the coffee table and hung the larger in the entry space.  3 urchins seems too man, so the smaller one is being gifted to my sister.






There you have it…basically my weekend in a nutshell.

Simplicity: Creating my Fall Capsule Wardrobe

As I venture on with my new practice of simplicity, I have been researching and reevaluating my style and what I really need/ will use.  I am sharing my inspiration photos and will follow with my actual finds and purchases in the future ( post to come)!

In the post about my makeup capsule I defined my lifestyle and importance for making lifestyle appropriate choices if you only have a limited amount of items to use.  So, here we go…

HOME & FUN (30% of my week ). This is only place for self expression so I have more inspiration here.


Keywords:  Cozy, Warm and Neutral

I am loving long tees and oversized sweaters.  But also have some flirty pieces that can transition to date nights….aka fur or full skirts.

WORK.  Unfortunately, the bulk of my life.  However, I love what I do.  I have mentioned working in a super conservative industry and more so an ultra conservative company.  Hence, the theme of black.

Keywords: Power, Simple and Polished

*Let me explain why power found a place in my keywords.  I work in a male driven industry, in addition to sounding like I am 12 on the phone, I want my work wardrobe to help others take me seriously through sometimes intense conversations with coworkers whom outrank me.  Not creepy, crazy…promise!!

I find myself drawn to black on black, clean and sharp lines with basic foundational pieces. Plus, good investment! 🙂

I will let you know once built and put into practice, as well as sources and prices.


Simplicity: Make Up Capsule

Okay okay…I am jumping on this trend of capsules. A capsule (from how I understand it) is way to emphasize and define your style by focusing on less.  Less seems scary to me, but the idea of simplifying my life right now in any way sounds like a win.

I originally saw this concept on a few blogs I have come to follow, but I feel is best explained on  Caroline’s http://www.un-fancy.com .   But what I quickly picked up is that there are no defined rules… You make your own based on lifestyle.

My lifestyle really has 3 components – 1) WORK. I am employed by a large fortune 100 insurance company.  And if that does not make it conservative enough, I work in HR (aka the land of judgement).  2) HOME. This is defined for me as errands, cleaning, etc. and makes up about 80% of my non-work time. 3) FUN.  This encompasses everything social- date nights with Eric, brunches, time with my mom and sisters, etc.

Before, showing you my current make up collection, I will lead with this statement…

” Hi, my name is Mindy, and I am an over spender on makeup.”


Painful, right?

Now, the sad part is this collection was after I purged during our move, about 3 months ago. And it was a BIG purge. My current collection breaks down like this:

  • 2 primers
  • 4 concealers
  • 5 powders
  • 5 Bronzer/Blush used for contouring
  • 1 highlighter
  • 1 mascara
  • 3 eyeliners
  • 5 eye shadows
  • 7 lip products
  • 19 makeup brushes

So in total, 51 pieces.  And heaven only knows how much money I spent creating this collection, plus everything else I previously trashed…YIKES!

In the past, I would purchase based on impulse, packaging, sale, trends, etc.  Now that I will be limiting, I really needed to think about each piece and how I would use it.  Does it fit my lifestyle? Does it fit my budget? What is the shelf life? Many questions, so much research was done and here is what I decided…

My Fall/Winter makeup capsule will include a total of 15 items for a time frame of 6 months and I will allow myself a $200 max budget.



You will recognize some of the items, which I already owned and are still usable (not expired). 5 MAC brushes, Laura Gellar spackled primer, Laura Gellar drenched color lipgloss in milkshake, and the original NAKED palette.



I did my shopping in 2 hours and 3 stops: The breakdown…


1) ULTA.  $58.36 spent.  Purchased- Eco Tools blending brush, Burt’s Bees chap stick and IT Cosmetics My Sculpted Face palette. (Used a $3.50 off coupon)


2) SEPHORA. $28.17  spent. Purchased- NARS lipstick in heat wave.


3) DILLARD’S. $94.18 spent. Purchased – Dior Blackout mascara, Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation and pressed powder. ( foundation purchased during foundation event so the Double Wear foundation which is typically $37 I preordered for $27 and was given a week’s supply of samples as pictured below.  I pick it up on 09.27!)




My capsule’s total cost was $180.71 (including tax) and breaks down like this:

  • 1 primer
  • 1 foundation
  • 1 powder
  • 1 Bronzer/Blush palette
  • 1 eye palette
  • 1 mascara
  • 3 lip products
  • 6 make up brushes

I want to focus on a clean natural look with the option to play with a taupe smoky eye and nude lips for date night, or throw in a spicy red lip for lunches with the ladies.  I will report back throughout the six months, but am excited to have one more area of my life to practice simplicity.

All links to products (including colors and prices) can be found on my Pintrest page on the Simplicity: Make Up board.

How Did I Ever Survive Without Pintrest?

Sometimes I wonder what I did without pintrest.  I sign in everyday, if only for a few minutes. It helps with that creative surge that we all need at times and is almost like a list with pictures.  I am a BIG list maker, as I have mentioned before.  I was strolling thru during some down time this afternoon and saw a post on cleaning your make up brushes… Big glooming cloud.  I cannot remember the last time I cleaned mine and I cannot buy new ones…so spent some time and did a simple clean, using Johnson’s baby shampoo.  It worked great, but it was totally disgusting to think how much bacteria I have been smearing on my face.  I am really starting to rethink how I do/ choose my makeup ( future post to come) but thought I would throw out the reminder!!!

Our New Addition

If there is one thing I know, it is the dangers of Target.  Last night, I went on mission to buy a candle for the bedroom.  Luckily these tables were displayed across on the neighboring shelf.  Just my luck!!! I’ve been hunting for cute night stands, but don’t want them to matchy matchy .


Brunch with the Holts

So we love Bread Winners.  There brunch is the BEST in north Dallas, however, every week can get pricy for young families.  But I am completely impressed and obsessed with their San Antonio scramble.  So this Sunday we did brunch Bread Winners style and 100% organic.  Still not healthy, but better then going out I’m sure.  We made scrambles with egg, onions, peppers, black beans and salsa topped with cheese.  In addition to breakfast potatoes and fresh fruit.  And you cannot do brunch without fresh orange juice ( trying to stay away from alcohol, but could easily have been a mimosa 😉 ) .  I am wanting to do brunch every Sunday, any recipes or ideas would be welcomed.

Supporting Local Businesses

I love our local flea market.  I try to make about a trip a week, but some staples include…

Local raw honey.  The health benefits are incredible, particularly when it comes to allergies.  This honey is decent priced and made about 30 minutes on a bee farm.  100%  unfiltered. I LOVE it.


Handmade seasonal candles.  I found this little booth and I love these candles, they are strongly scented and burn well.  In addition, to the fact they are totally cute if you can get past the gaudy Halloween decor.