Simplicity: Creating my Fall Capsule Wardrobe

As I venture on with my new practice of simplicity, I have been researching and reevaluating my style and what I really need/ will use.  I am sharing my inspiration photos and will follow with my actual finds and purchases in the future ( post to come)!

In the post about my makeup capsule I defined my lifestyle and importance for making lifestyle appropriate choices if you only have a limited amount of items to use.  So, here we go…

HOME & FUN (30% of my week ). This is only place for self expression so I have more inspiration here.


Keywords:  Cozy, Warm and Neutral

I am loving long tees and oversized sweaters.  But also have some flirty pieces that can transition to date nights….aka fur or full skirts.

WORK.  Unfortunately, the bulk of my life.  However, I love what I do.  I have mentioned working in a super conservative industry and more so an ultra conservative company.  Hence, the theme of black.

Keywords: Power, Simple and Polished

*Let me explain why power found a place in my keywords.  I work in a male driven industry, in addition to sounding like I am 12 on the phone, I want my work wardrobe to help others take me seriously through sometimes intense conversations with coworkers whom outrank me.  Not creepy, crazy…promise!!

I find myself drawn to black on black, clean and sharp lines with basic foundational pieces. Plus, good investment! 🙂

I will let you know once built and put into practice, as well as sources and prices.



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