Winter Capsule

Like before, in my prior capsule posts, I tend to stick to 3 primary categories with my personal life: Every Day Wear, Lunches & Brunches and finally, Date Nights!


1: Every Day wear for me needs to be practical and durable.  I wear the hell out of my every day pieces, so they get washed, stretched, etc. far too often.  This for me is what I will wear to run to target, walk to dog, walk the construction zone that currently is our new house…these types of activities. So for me this means leggings, sweaters and vests with comfy flats or boots. These vests are from J Crew Factory stores and I love them to pieces!!! My other favs include my Tory Burch flats, they are a constant regardless of season in my wardrobe, and that cute little pom pom hat from Old Navy at $7 ( can’t beat that!).

2. Lunches & Brunches.  This is time with the ladies.  For me it is usually mid day meals or shopping with gal pals or my mama. I always will stay in tune of comfort, but this space needs some edginess and some “hot” trends.  For me this is leather and plaid.  I guess you could say I’m channeling my inner Avril!  However, for the more girly occasion the sweater dress always does the trick. My favorites here are these lace up flats from the Gap for $40, and leather jacket from J C Penny’s for $85.

3. Date Nights.  This is more formal and girly for me. It is the time I spend with my better half and I want soft fabrics and to feel feminine, classy but also sexy.  I like longer lengths and free flowing pieces. My favorites here include my Louboutins from Neimen’s $695 (thanks hubby!!!) and pleated dress from ChicWish for $60.

Overall, the theme of winter… Neutral, Neutral, Neutral ( except for Christmas card picture day outfits…more to come there!)