Out with the Old

And in with the PINK!!!  When planning my spring beauty routine, I chose products that would inspire me to feel fresh and feminine.  Lately, I have found myself craving femininity in my work life; I am sick and tired of blending in with the boys at work and want to embrace spring’s soft pinks, blushes and corals.  Like always, I try to limit my pieces so I do not blow my budget.  Quality v. Quantity is the name of the game.  Here is what I am going for…

Below are my top (and only) spring make up products, some new/some old, but I cannot express my new found love for this blush in words!  I purchased it because was prettily packaged and, well, the marketing got the best of me.  But, I LOVE it!

imageCoral Blush , Lipstick in Madison Ave , Mascara

From a beauty standpoint, and moving past makeup, I also wanted to focus on sustaining beauty care and body maintenance.  I am often guilty of neglect in this area. So this is where I am embracing the fresh and more natural skin look.


Self Tanner , Ted Baker Lotion , Perfume

Winter Capsule

Like before, in my prior capsule posts, I tend to stick to 3 primary categories with my personal life: Every Day Wear, Lunches & Brunches and finally, Date Nights!


1: Every Day wear for me needs to be practical and durable.  I wear the hell out of my every day pieces, so they get washed, stretched, etc. far too often.  This for me is what I will wear to run to target, walk to dog, walk the construction zone that currently is our new house…these types of activities. So for me this means leggings, sweaters and vests with comfy flats or boots. These vests are from J Crew Factory stores and I love them to pieces!!! My other favs include my Tory Burch flats, they are a constant regardless of season in my wardrobe, and that cute little pom pom hat from Old Navy at $7 ( can’t beat that!).

2. Lunches & Brunches.  This is time with the ladies.  For me it is usually mid day meals or shopping with gal pals or my mama. I always will stay in tune of comfort, but this space needs some edginess and some “hot” trends.  For me this is leather and plaid.  I guess you could say I’m channeling my inner Avril!  However, for the more girly occasion the sweater dress always does the trick. My favorites here are these lace up flats from the Gap for $40, and leather jacket from J C Penny’s for $85.

3. Date Nights.  This is more formal and girly for me. It is the time I spend with my better half and I want soft fabrics and to feel feminine, classy but also sexy.  I like longer lengths and free flowing pieces. My favorites here include my Louboutins from Neimen’s $695 (thanks hubby!!!) and pleated dress from ChicWish for $60.

Overall, the theme of winter… Neutral, Neutral, Neutral ( except for Christmas card picture day outfits…more to come there!)


What to Pack

I thought this would be a good start to the beginning of my favorite season! By the way Happy Fall.  As always, with my role at my company travel becomes inevitable.  Typically a new city each week until mid November, as things start to somewhat slow (fingers crossed).  Needless to say all working gals that travel are accustomed to finding ways to be stylish yet space conscious. So I am sharing my packing essiential list for fall.

Also, the workplace at my employer has officially gone business casual.  While I have, at times flirted ( totally jumped over) the line, it is now safe regardless who I am meeting with.  Thank God, we have joined the rest of the world about 20 years late to the game, but have arrived.  Therefore, you will see NO suits!


Now let’s get into the details.  Like my casual wardrobe, I want to reflect those fall colors we all love so much.  However, now with more self expression as an option, I am loving the idea of skirts.  Instead of a traditional trouser I have paired 2 plaid skirts.  I am all about plaid these days.  The downside, space, but for the next few months I may just check my bag!

Dresses are an easy way to reduce space and less complicated to create an outfit, so lots and lots of dresses will be in my work wardrobe and travel with me into the fall months.

As always, I stick to the rule of five when concerning my accessories.  I have been known to drop some $ on accessories and shoes, so I might as well wear them.  I am a firm believer accessories add polish to one’s professional presence. However, I am an advocate of quality over quantity and 1 ( maybe 2 at most) accessories per outfit.  For purposes of this particular post, I am only taking 4. The colors speak for themselves.

Finally. I am changing out my black bag, for a warm autumn tone.  This is the ONLY season I stray from black.

Sources: Gold earrings from Macy’s / Scarf by Marc Jacobs / leopard pumps by Kate Spade / Grey wool coat from Victoria Secret online / Black and navy pumps by Christian Louboutin from Neimen Marcus

Friday Favorites…

So, this Friday Favorites may get somewhat wordy.  I made an impromptu trip to Target last night to pick up some groceries because I am having all sorts of stupid cravings lately.  Last night, it just happened to be s’mores, so to Target I went.  There it was, the PSL at the Starbucks in Target.  It hit me like a train…it is now fall and all things fall are appropriate…game on!  Like most, women a few years out of college, fall has quickly become my favorite of the seasons…the food, the holidays, the smells, the weather, you just can’t beat it.  So today, I am sharing my Must-Have list for fall ( even though I wear ALL of these items in the winter too).

Fall Make Up Capsule 3: Planning

I cannot believe fall is already just around the corner….I am keeping my eyes open (aka stalking) Starbucks for the first glimpse of PSL, then it’s on!   In more relevant news, with a new season comes a new make up update.  I will once again admit, I am LOVING the quality v. quantity approach, as well as a defined area of my life to practice simplicity.  I have really come to appreciate a small yet complete makeup collection given all the traveling I’ve been doing lately and it’s not slowing down anytime soon with Phoenix, Houston, Orlando, Tucson, New Orleans and Madison coming up in the next 6 weeks.

Lessons learned…

I kind of missed the softer shades of eye shadow.  While I really love a black dark sexy smokey eye, I think I may be getting a little too old, or maybe just a little to lazy for this.  Plus, I am starting to get some wrinkles ( insert crying emoji), and dark shimmery shadows seem to only highlight this flaw. So Botox or a matte shadow palette?  Have I mentioned my deathly fear of needles, doctors, poisonous substances injected into your body?  The matte palette wins.

Moving on, I loved my contour brush.  More than anything…maybe even more than chapstick!   It stays!!!

A trend I will be embracing, the deep red “wine stained” lip.  I just need to complete some research on the right brand and color, but I am leaning towards NARS given my love for their heat wave lipstick.  Here is my plan for September thru November…


And just for giggles here is my favorite shot from my trip to Boston last week.  We took a private tour of Fenway Park… My history junkie husband is wearing off on me 😉  !!!!


Fall 2015 Capsule Wardrobe


Okay, it is almost that time again, so we enter the planning stages for the upcoming fall season. ( yay PSL is in the horizon)!!! Fall in TX tends to be somewhat tricky, days are warmer and evenings chilly.  I really define my “outside of work” life into 3 distinct buckets, which I have mentioned before… Everyday wear, Day Outings and Date Nights.

For everyday wear, I wanted casual and comfortable clothing.  I want clothing that breaths and wears well, in addition to being able to layer.  A few soft tees in autumn themed colors are always a safe bet ( J Crew).  I look for longer tees and always size up so I can pair with leggings and get some level of bum coverage.  Grey and stripes are a must for every season in my book as well ( Banana Republic).  I love my neutrals!

Longer light weight sweaters, cocoon wraps and puffer vests ( J Crew Factory) help with layering and for the chillier days a light weight parka ( Banana Republic) in a warm olive tone.  For bottoms, I really keep it simple with jeans ( Paige ) and Leggings (Target). For shoes it is always best to stay neutral and invest in high quality and comfortable pieces.  Flats ( Tory Burch, DSW) are a must rain boots ( Hunter) and a bootie ( J Crew) made my list. Lastly, my go tote style purses.

For Day Outings, I like to keep my options no fuss but a little more presentable and polished, yet still practical and comfortable.  The Blazer ( Banana Republic) , I love!!! I use it, as well as the navy cardigan for layering.  In addition a classic white tee and a navy tee with some type of famine detailing, helps just make things come together.  Jeans are obviously a must, but also wanted to throw in a sweater vest and I am loving the emerald green!! Shoes are simple for me, the riding boot (Tory Burch) or a knock out suede pump( J Crew).  Toss in a pop of color with the mini wristlets in ruby and we are set for lunch with the ladies, day shopping, etc.

I love me some quality Date Nights, but let’s get real, we are not the fine dining type.  We are a dinner and home by 10pm type, or a midnight movie type.  BUT, I like the option to somewhat change up the look. Colors and comfort are similar, but just a little change in fabric and cure.  I tend to go for silk blend blouses. They just feel sexier. My husband like heels so these two bring something a little unique to the table.   The deep red, pointy toe or the chunky block heel pump(J Crew).  However, I always reserve a pair of flats for date night too… Sometimes heels just aren’t happening in this house! ( Leopard flats, Target). A tiny purse(Tory Burch) feels more feminine as well, so I try to ditch the totes.

There you have it, 1 season with 36 pieces. Time for purchases this month, to be ready for September!

What to Pack

It is time for my semi-annual pilgrimage to my company’s home office in Boston.   I completed a winter edition of this back in December 2014 and got a handful of emails, so thought I would share with you what I pack during the spring and Summer months.  www.houseofholts.wordpress.com/2014/12/14/what-to-pack


Remember the goal for me with these trips is to fit everything into one carry on same bag, including a tap top, iPad, etc.  Here is my list of must haves for a work trip.

1. Two sheath dresses.  These should be well tailored and modest.  I choose a soft beige and classic black.

2. A soft shade linen skirt.  I typically like the Antonio Melani ones from Dillard’s.  They are pricey, but are classic and longer in length.

3. Two shirts.  The classic white, with a little modern flair and tunic feel. I also choose a comfy grey tee (but still stylish),

4. Jeans. Enough said.  We typically have casual outings in the evenings.

5. Nightie.  I want to sleep comfortable, but not take up space in the suitcase.

6. Four to five accessories is my rule of thumb always.  This time I am taking a bright scarf and a pair of fun earrings.  I always, always, always take my pearls and diamonds of some type on every trip.

7. Large structured bag/ purse that fits a small lap top.

8. Shoes.  I am taking 3 pairs.  Nude heels, black heels and a pair of flats.  I choose these leopard loafers.

My outfit break down is below enjoy and travel on!!!