Summer Heat & Sassy Feet

My personal go to summer uniform is typically some type of T-shirt dress.  Considering I live in Texas, the heat can get pretty unbearable and these are cool, easy to throw on over a swimsuit and no effort required, making it the perfect outfit choice. I don’t really accessorize them, due to the simple nature of the dress, but I do like to add some sassy yet practical footwear!  I have rounded up my favorite summer sandal picks…ENJOY!!!

Scalloped Sandal // Leopard Sandal // Tassel Sandal // Fringe Sandal


Memorial Day Round Up

Memorial Day is yet another day I experience with a mix of emotion.  I am conflicted between balancing a heavy heart for those who have sacrificed so much for our freedom, but also enjoying the time with family and the American traditions.  We certainly have a full line up with lots of family and community happenings, calling for a casual yet festive outfit. I tend to lean towards neutrals, with pops of red versus stars and stripes and theme centered pieces.  I want more than 2 wears out of a purchase.  I have rounded up my favorites and all are under $100!!!

Glitter SandalsDenim DressRed Fringe SandalsWhite DressDenim RomperRed Tassel SandalsRed Earrings

Pucker Up!

This summer is all about vibrant color and I am loving all the fun lip shades.  I would by no means consider myself a beauty expert, but have tried a few shades over the last few years in search of those that work with fair skin. This is a difficult feat. #whitegirlproblems !!! I have finally found a few tried and true shades that are amazing quality and I don’t necessarily feel the need to venture out and try anything else at this time.  Let’s count down the top 5…

NARS in Heatwave, Laura Geller in Madison Ave, Too Faced in Nude Beach , YSL in Vibrant Pink

And for the win…


IT Cosmetics in IT Girl


Summer Shoe Round Up

I am certainly feeling the itch to bust out the summer wardrobe and maybe add a few new pieces as well.  As I continue to mature in my fashion style, I continue to find myself drawn to neutral pieces, that still have interest and texture.  Pretty much mirror my home style. 🙂  Check out my shopping cart below…

Block Heels , Black Flats @ $48 , White Flats , Wedges

My Go To Travel Outfit

With so much traveling for my job, I must say I am becoming an expert at packing light and keeping things comfortable on the plane. So I Bring to you my fool proof and go to outfit. #nailedit


Tunic old from Target, same style Tunic but in yellow, Jacket , Flats

First and most importantly, shoes are something that one should always consider when flying.  They need to come off easy, be comfortable to walk long distances in,  and keep my feet warm on the plane.  Outside plane= 79 degrees, Inside plane= -22 degrees.  Okay, maybe a little bit of an exaggeration, but I’m sure you get the point. Anyways, I recommend a basic ballet flat.

Leggings.  BOOM… enough said.

If one wears leggings and does not wear a size 0-2, then you should always cover that booty.  A light weight tunic typically does the trick, layered with a sweater or lightweight jacket.

Then accessorize.  Not shown in this photo is a massive red purse for a pop of color and to store my iPad, sunglasses, iPhone, makeup, lap top, headphones, gum, the entire country of China, etc.

As always, I spend my money on accessories, here is Mt Tote  and a similar more Budget Friendly Tote .

Beach Style

So this week I received an email from American Airlines, basically telling me that my miles are use them or we are going to hike up the miles needed to actually go anywhere so you have saved them for nothing!  So, I panicked as usual and called my husband.  So…we are going on vacation and it’s time to start planning/shopping.  It also turns out I have accumulated enough miles ( I love my job) to take two vacations.  So our plan is to hit Palm Springs in April and Miami in July.  I am still sorting through those details, but started shopping while on the world’s most boring and unnecessary conference call.  So, I bring to you one bad ass( sorry mom) splurge v. save and all the other goodies that have made it to my shopping cart today!

 $319 Splurge Scalloped Suit , $44 Save Scalloped Suit

White Cover-Up , Teal Tassel Cover-Up , Straw Tote , Asset Towel ,

Pattern Monokini , Halter Swimsuit , Wedges


Easter Dresses

One of my favorite things about Easter, outside of its religious stance, is the fact that everyone dresses up in their NEW dresses!  This means, no complaining from Mr. Holt when I bring home a fun girly, floral church dress.  I have rounded up my favorites for this spring and trying to stay within a reasonable budget. Happy Shopping!


White Dress , Pattern Midi Dress , Floral Dress , Gingham Dress , Blush Modern Dress