Happy Halloween & a Trip to the Flea Market

First of all happy Halloween!  Any holiday that combines candy and dressing up your pets is fine by me. :). We don’t really have any big plans outside of hoping the kids that come to our door don’t take Kit Kats! I didn’t really decorate this year outside of chalk drawings, but am planning on doing a little for Christmas.

Anyways, tomorrow my mom and I will be heading out to Canton.  This happens once a month and consists of miles upon miles of vendors selling crafts, jewelry, antiques, etc.  Let’s go ahead and get real 90% of the stuff there makes me want to vomit (aka ruffled hot pink chevron and burlap place mats with big crosses on them…YUCK), but there are handful of vintage vendors and you know I love a good find.  So here is my hunting list while in Canton…

1- Bar cart

2- Campaign furniture

3-Milk glass cake stand

4-Perfume Bottles

5-Vintage mirror

6-Diamond cut glass

There you have it, my ultimate wish list.  I will keep my eyes open for other goodies too, but this tops my list this trip.  Most likely we won’t be heading back until spring :(. Have a happy holiday!

Pay it Forward: wk 2

I talked last week about making an effort to continue to do something nice and thoughtful every week for someone in my life.  This week a coworker of mine is having surgery preformed on her leg (prayers welcomed), so took advantage of making sure we show her that are thoughts are with her.  So, these are being delivered to her tomorrow morning following her surgery.


Just a a reminder to continue to make unexpected kindness a priority.

DIY: Chalkboard



So, I see everyone has chalkboard art these days and I am all about it.  I have some chalkboard labels and a chalkboard globe in our apartment currently.  Once we have moved to a home, I will locate a victim for a Chalkboard wall ( poor mr. Holt).  But currently, I wanted a bigger space to doodle.  I looked online and in stores, I wanted something with clean edges and I kept finding very ornate framed boards, so I decided this was a perfect DIY candidate.  This cost me $17.  I bought a RIBBA frame from IKEA and I already had this black chalkboard paint from a few months back.  I simply painted the chalkboard paint onto the glass and then reframed.  It took about 3 coats, otherwise the beige walls would show thru in the light, but I am pleased with how it turned out and it is rather large, so plenty of doodle space.


If we had a MINI…

Now that I am in the full swing of the holiday season ( I bought my first holiday candles this week 🙂 ), I put together yet another list in the case that we had a mini one or two 🙂 I am hoping to possibly be able to use this list next Christmas!!!  You heard that right mom…

I am totally curious, as I start exploring this more, what recommendations do those of you with more experience have?

Pay It Forward


At some point each week I find myself thinking of those who affect my life on a regular basis.  I always think about bringing others coffee at work, making a lunch for my husband, surprising my mom with flowers, etc. But week after week I never cease to find the excuse of time.  I tend to come down with a serious case of the ” I’ll do it next week” s.  This week I decided to put an end to that hot mess of a decision making process and pay a it forward, even if in a small way.  I am really going to make an effort to weekly find some way to do something nice for those around me, and to keep myself accountable I am going to document it here.  So, people I am asking you to keep me honest.  This week I dropped a small thank you note and gift card to Starbucks in the mail to my recruiting coordinator.  She lives in CLT or I would have brought her coffee in the morning.  $10 and a quick note.


The thank you I received from her was so sweet and it really left me feeling so fulfilled.  So, I am also encouraging others to also…pay it forward.

DIY: Art

When was picking up the fabric last week, from the beloved and fabulous designer Nate Berkus from Joann’s, I stumbled across this bird fabric in the leftover bin.  It was about 5/6 of a yard and priced at $8.33 after my coupon for 40% off was used.  It was sold!  I love the playful colors, but more of a mature feel to it. It almost reminds me of a watercoloring.  I have had it for about 2 weeks now and last night decided I would frame it.  Because it is fabric, I didn’t need a professional.  I hopped over to IKEA and picked up a frame for about $17.  Most of the frames in my home are rectangular, so went with the square.  I measured about an inch of fabric around the edges of the back and cut to size.


Next, I folded like you would when wrapping a gift ( yay Christmas is almost here 🙂 ).  Then used scotch tape to secure the fabric tightly to the back of the frame.


i reconstructed the frame and there you have it. $26 art!  This totally beats out the $150+ prints I have be sourcing on Etsy. Pardon the cat, he is obsessed with this ( must be the birds) so could not snap a pic without him present.  I’ll be hanging this with other new prints later this week to our gallery wall. Stay tuned.


Fall Capsule Wardrobe: Progress

It is still 80 degrees here in TX, so I still have about 2-3 weeks to finalize my purchases.  I will say, when I started this I was expecting fun, but it is a little stressful.  However, what I’ve learned from my make up capsule is once it’s done, then it is done.  I have not purchased any beauty products, thought about it or stressed about making a decision for almost a month and it is liberating.  I am hoping my fall/winter clothing capsule will be similar.  Okay here is what I have so far (purchases only)…


So, what I have learned through shopping, I like comfort and casual clothing.  While I am attracted to the more glamorous textures in photos, I prefer high quality basics in real life.  More to come as I finalize it.  I am not even 30% to budget yet which is exciting !!!


*Puffer Jacket – Gap

*Basic Tee- Banana Republic

*Puffer Vest- J Crew Factory

*Thermal Tee- Aritzia