What to Pack

I thought this would be a good start to the beginning of my favorite season! By the way Happy Fall.  As always, with my role at my company travel becomes inevitable.  Typically a new city each week until mid November, as things start to somewhat slow (fingers crossed).  Needless to say all working gals that travel are accustomed to finding ways to be stylish yet space conscious. So I am sharing my packing essiential list for fall.

Also, the workplace at my employer has officially gone business casual.  While I have, at times flirted ( totally jumped over) the line, it is now safe regardless who I am meeting with.  Thank God, we have joined the rest of the world about 20 years late to the game, but have arrived.  Therefore, you will see NO suits!


Now let’s get into the details.  Like my casual wardrobe, I want to reflect those fall colors we all love so much.  However, now with more self expression as an option, I am loving the idea of skirts.  Instead of a traditional trouser I have paired 2 plaid skirts.  I am all about plaid these days.  The downside, space, but for the next few months I may just check my bag!

Dresses are an easy way to reduce space and less complicated to create an outfit, so lots and lots of dresses will be in my work wardrobe and travel with me into the fall months.

As always, I stick to the rule of five when concerning my accessories.  I have been known to drop some $ on accessories and shoes, so I might as well wear them.  I am a firm believer accessories add polish to one’s professional presence. However, I am an advocate of quality over quantity and 1 ( maybe 2 at most) accessories per outfit.  For purposes of this particular post, I am only taking 4. The colors speak for themselves.

Finally. I am changing out my black bag, for a warm autumn tone.  This is the ONLY season I stray from black.

Sources: Gold earrings from Macy’s / Scarf by Marc Jacobs / leopard pumps by Kate Spade / Grey wool coat from Victoria Secret online / Black and navy pumps by Christian Louboutin from Neimen Marcus

Let There be Light!

And preferably pretty ones!  I am quickly learning lighting can make or break a room and is a relatively cheap way to transform a space but has a TON of impact. Plus you can take it with you! The lighting for our new house is awful at best, so I have come to terms that eventually ( over a VERY) long period of time I will need to replace all our lighting fixtures.  I am expecting this to take months and maybe years.  That said, I am already shopping and browsing for the right pieces for our space.  After much research around “layering” lighting, I have learned that each room needs a minimum of 3-4 layers, ceiling lighting is 1 of those layers…yikes $$$$!!!!  The lighting in our new home is mostly boob lights.  That’s right, our flush mount lights look like big old boobs on the ceiling. Something like this…


Here are a few of my favorites which I am exploring right now.  They are all from Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, Lowe’s and Lamps Plus.

And what would a home post be without a progress photo!




Our home planning process continues.  They began framing our home this week and I nearly lost it when we drove by on Saturday to finalize some design selections. I will share them in a future post, but this post is all about my plans for where I am going to get my Zzz’s.

I want a space that is calming and neutral.  A place where everything can be touched and lived in.  I want a place my husband feels comfortable ( pink is off limits). BUT….we got to have some style and interest too.  Too much blandness is NOT good.  So for me that means textures, industrial lighting with Edison bulbs, color dimension and just a tad of metallic.  ( aka restoration hardware galore!).

Here is a little look at our our framing…obviously not completed.


For fun, this was basically the highlight of my Sunday when my husband went to the Cowboys game!


Friday Favorites…

So, this Friday Favorites may get somewhat wordy.  I made an impromptu trip to Target last night to pick up some groceries because I am having all sorts of stupid cravings lately.  Last night, it just happened to be s’mores, so to Target I went.  There it was, the PSL at the Starbucks in Target.  It hit me like a train…it is now fall and all things fall are appropriate…game on!  Like most, women a few years out of college, fall has quickly become my favorite of the seasons…the food, the holidays, the smells, the weather, you just can’t beat it.  So today, I am sharing my Must-Have list for fall ( even though I wear ALL of these items in the winter too).

Because I’m all about that BASE!

Everyone knows the base and anchor of any room is flooring so I have decided to share a few inspirational yet realistic flooring photos, which may be at the Holt house in a few short months!

In other news, I purchased the first light fixture for our new house from Crate & Barrell yesterday.  I have big plans for this beauty in my laundry room.  It was basically the only space Eric would get on board with.  He was not a big fan, but I guess the bigger concern is if he doesn’t plan to be in laundry room then who will be washing his clothes…