Dear 2014,

You were an insanely challenging, but quite an awesome year and I am thankful for you.   Let us review…

In April we moved.  Enough said there, but I might add I would count my packing skills to be amongst the best.

In August I received my first promotion at work. May I tell you that it was well earned and a long time coming ( 5 years of experience…my butt).  In October, Eric received a promotion.  This was BIG news in our house, but it gets so much better.  In November, I took a new role in my company that will officially begin in February, but might as well have started right then as I am transitioning roles currently.  In December, Eric took a new role in his company beginning tomorrow.  Now, while we are super excited, these moves are coming with some significant change.  We don’t always handle change well. And by we I mean I.  Needless to say I definitely have learned the payoff of hard work and how to take a leap of faith and appropriately assume risk.

We certainly embraced financial responsibility and have been diligent in paying down/ off debts.  Damn student loans! ( sorry mom)

More importantly, I learned a lot about teamwork and marriage this year.  We celebrated 7 years of marriage in August and this has hands down been the best year.  I have a new appreciation for my husband and have seen how supportive he is and his level of sacrifice.  This was the year we stopped being a couple and started a TRUE partnership.

So 2014, while we did not experience any fun adventures, we really have settled into our marriage, started partnering, experienced multiple professional  and personal blessings and successes.  In short, while you sure did suck at times, you have made me stronger and developed me more than your prior counterparts.  Be sure to tell 2015 that we expect nothing less!



New Years Eve

We will be keeping it low key this year, as hello! it is a workday.  Plans include a nice dinner, TBD by Mr. Holt, followed by locking ourselves inside for serious pj time and watching the ball drop.  More importantly, this is a time for reflection and new beginnings.  So more to come there.  However, I would never waste a day where it is appropriate to bring out the glitter so here is my outfit plan.


The tights are from Target ($8), beauty products from Sephora (I am breaking my capsule for this holiday only 😦 ) NARS shadow palette is $59 and lipstick is $22.  I want to keep my hair simple, since I have so much going on with the leather and sequins.  This is bordering too much, so need to keep it simple.  The leather top is $59 from top shop.  Skirt, clutch and shoes are old.  Looking forward to a fun night.

Christmas Round 1, 2 & 3

Christmas every year is quite the production in the Holt house.  We are finding a balance between fulfilling family obligations and just enjoying ourselves and finding a way to make holidays suit us.  This is HUGE, it has taken almost a decade.  Anyways, we did the immediate family Christmas with my parents on Dec. 21st with a low key dinner, gifts and football game (aka us ladies caught up on all the family gossip).

image image

We followed this with our personal Christmas on the 22nd, where we are all kind of junk food, watched movies just the row of us and exchanged our gifts.  We have learned not to do this with our families.  I got Eric the new iPad.  We are now proudly a 2 iPad home.  He got me a new bike helmet (2015 goal is to start cycling), Kate Spade glitter Keds and an outing to the Nutcracker Ballet, which I might add is one of my most favorite gifts EVER!  I am starting to like experience gifts more than thing gifts.


On the 23rd we left for TN, me Eric and Jodee ( my 23 year old sister) ….in the Prius…tight for luggage space to say the least.  Poor Eric endured 15 hours of driving, many Starbucks trips and scouting ” clean potties” as well as being fully versed on all that is Taylor Swift. Bless his heart, he is a saint!!! We spent a few days in the smokey mountains with my mom’s extended family.  This made me super baby happy.  All my cousins have little mini ones running around.  It was great to see my grandparents and spend time with family.  We see them about every 2-3 years….so next time hoping to have a mini of our own. And yes, I did not plan and wore the same shirt on both Christmases 😦 .


image image

All that to say, we have 1 more Christmas to go with my husband’s parents….then NYE!!!  I have already started putting thought into my goals (I prefer goals v. resolutions…seems it is a healthier equation for success in achieving them).  I love fresh beginnings and am really looking forward to an eventful 2015!

4 Days Until Christmas…

I think Charles Dickens said it best, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…”  This could not be more in line with what I am feeling at this time of year.  The stress of the financial toll of Christmas has set in.  While every year I budget for it and plan for it, there are always unexpected costs and this year is no different.  It is interesting to because each year is a little different.  This year is the first year we have evEr argued about the fairness between families and how we will allocate time.  Our family situations are TOTALLY and completely different so it becomes a game of comparing apples and oranges.

Now I am finished ranting and on to the fun part, I love that this is a “cheerful” holiday season.  Everyone I meet out in stores is happy and wearing red glitter.  This makes me more then excited.  Also, gift exchanges…LOVE them!  But most of all I love that this time of year is super social.  Work parties, Christmas parties and outings…I can’t get enough. Last night, I went to the main strip in Grapevine.  For those of you from DFW you understand.  It is a small space with remodeled historic buildings, which are decked from top to bottom in Christmas gear.  The shops are adorable, the food is great and there are lighted parks and Christmas musicians playing everywhere.



We we had a mom and sister night, while the boys went to the Mavs game.  I think our night wins hands down.  Also,  I am all about my holiday sweater this year.  I bought it Black Friday shopping at J Crew for $35.  No jewelry required with this neckline.


What to Pack…

Work eddition.  Tomorrow, I will be traveling to Boston, which I love due to all the history that we just don’t have in Dallas, but for my job… Wan wan…. 😦 Anyways, here is my essential packing list for the traveling girl.  Keep in mind, we want everything in 1 carry on size bag!


– Jacket ( wear this on the pane)

– Blouses, I try to take silk blend blouses, so they do not wrinkle and look feminine but professional and can also be worn during more casual outings or with a suit/blazer

– Suit staples: 1 jacket, 1 pant, 1 skirt, which all match

– Panty hose ( hello it is FREAKING cold there). ALWAYS take 2 pairs…you never know when one will get a run.

– Shoes: black pumps, 1 pair of riding boots ( wear on the plane)

– Casual wear: 1 pair of leggings, 1 pair of jeans( wear these on the plane)

– Accessories: keep these to a maximum of 5 items : I choose 3 necklaces, 1 pair of earrings and 1 scarf.  The key here is to stay neutral

– Other essentials are the right suitcase and a neutral purse (that can function as a lap top bag too!)