Sunday Funday!

Today was a day for doing in the Holt household.  I love the feeling at the end of the day where you feel that sense of accomplishment.  It is refreshing and nothing is better than being able to cross items off the to do list. Today I …

started the morning the way every morning should begin,


Now to get more serious, took back all my return items.  Afterwards I stumbled upon this…


Looks sketchy , I know but it was a gold mine inside.  I found all kinds of treasures and will be returning in the future.  Unfortunately, I was not able to bring all the treasures home ( dang budget) but did purchase an antique file box, which perfectly fits my husband’s xbox games. You can see it under the books on the right…it is PERFECT size!




The other find for day, a vintage military chest.  I loved it the moment I saw it, but loved it even more when I got it home and cleaned it up I found original instructions inside.  So fun.  Anyways, 2 hours of restoration and 1 torn up living room later we ended with this little beauty.

Then there is always the one who got away.  In this case, a dual sky blue vintage luggage set, which I may be going back for.  We shall see.  While, I love vintage pieces I don’t want our house to end up like a junk yard either.  How do you find the perfect balance?  Are these too much?


This week I need to work on my patio, drop off old items at the good will, mani/pedi and I feel a DIY coming on too.