Weekend Warriors

This weekend we jetted off on a quick trip to Seattle.  I was a bridesmaid in a former co-worker, now friend’s wedding.  Our trip started a 3:00 in DFW on Saturday morning and was quite hectic, we barely made it yo the gate on time, when…we were told to check our carry on bag.  Two and a half hours later, we landed at LAX, also known as the land of lost luggage.  We grabbed some coffee and unknowingly jumped on our next flight to Seattle.  Being a nervous flier, I was relieved that we had arrived to our final destination safely.  The same could not be said for the carry on bag.  The bag which contained my bridesmaid dress, lap top, Eric’s wedding outfit, both our rehearsal outfits, etc.  Needless to say that made for a few frantic pre-wedding days, but turns out my bag may have ventured to Korea… WTF Delta!!! However, we were able to get another dress and wedding was truly beautiful…always a good reminder it is just stuff, and people are more important.  I live weddings, I feel like they bring me and my relationship back to center.  image image imageimage image imageimage

Then came wedding day…

image image image image image image

After the wedding we took a day to your Seattle.  Which I GORGOUS!!! I found myself wanting to pack up and make a move, until I remembered that down payment on a new house…bummer!  Go visit, truly a fantastic city!

image image image image image image image image image image

Finally, it was time to return home, but not without one more breathtaking view from the plane.


Mid Year Review

I always find it helpful to reflect and document my goals, shortcomings, accomplishments and progress.  You can see my 2015 goals here: http://www.houseofholts.wordpress.com/2015/01/02/2015/  .  So for updates, and to keep myself accountable here we go…



Well, we are well on our way to checking off this box.  We signed over a nice chunk of money to begin building our new home.  It is scheduled for completion by December 12th. We are more than excited and are making progress.  You can check out our now leveled dirt!


Anyways, this is a huge milestone for us and I am truly in love with our soon to be neighborhood.  It fits the bill for the new lifestyle we are building for our family.


This is one area where I just really find myself focusing about 50% of my brain power.  It has been 6 months, 7.5 cycles and 0 results. Let me give you some background information.  My mother conceived 4 of her 5 pregnancies on the first cycle and the other on accident while trying to prevent pregnancy.  Similar stories for my grandmother, aunt, cousins, etc.  I naturally assumed I would follow suit, so was not emotionally prepared for the disappointment and frustration that comes with difficulty trying to conceive.  I have found myself planning our futures around a potential due date every. Single. Month.  But, this what review and reflection is for.  I have spent countless hours educating myself, popping prenatal vitamins like they are m&m’s, etc.  It’s time for action.

I have sourced and asked for multiple referrals and identified an OBGYN in the area, that is pro treatment, etc.  I’ve made my appointment for an initial consultation and to gets things in gear.  I’ve also explored ER’s in my network also to learn I do not need a referral to a specialist, I have $600 deductible to meet, then they cover at 90% up to $10,000.00.  So, from my research, $10,000.00 does not go to far for fertility treatments so we need to get it right and be aggressive quickly, in addition to start saving.  Needless to say I’m ready to get this started this year as well.

This has been a painful lesson in patience, faith and learning that you can only control so much.


Since setting this goal, I have moved into another role at my company.  I will not officially be able to check off this box until next March, but feel I am well on my way.  However, I will toot my own horn for a quick minute.  I received a nomination for an award only given to 34 employees for an organization that employees over 50,000 employees.  Whoo whoo!!


Okay, fail here!  I need to get this in gear and scope at the churches near our new home so we start setting down roots before our move.  ( insert guilty face)


BOOM – done! Thank The Lord that Starbucks does decaf drinks.  Maybe next year I should try and kick Starbucks, the money suck it is.




What To Pack

For VACA!!!!  I am super exciting to be going someplace or doing something completed unrelated to work.  And, while I wish this was the luxurious 5 star vacation, it is not ( hello, over budget on new house).  Instead, we will be spending just under a week on Table Rock Lake in Missouri with my extended family.  One can never complain about water, sun and no internet connectivity. Anyways, let’s get to it.


You guessed it, everything should fit in my go to, handy bag.  Seriously this suitcase has been a lifesaver.  I got it for $70 at TJ Maxx, and it has held up great and has this awesome padded pocket for lap tops, iPads, etc.  Anyways, I pretty much stuck to my normal color palette, with soft greys, white, navy and neutral everything. I also wanted ALL my pieces to be light fabrics to fit comfortably in the suitcase. Below is the breakdown for my daily outfit plan.


I am am going to take this one step farther because, it is vacation and I am planning to bring a certain husband with me :). Here is a little insight into his packing experience.  Which ladies, let’s get real having a husband means you are going to have to pack for him. Otherwise you end up 5 hours into your trip with no toothbrush, or socks, or whatever.  Here is a little insight into “man”packing.


We will also be taking a weekender bag for toiletries.  I typically don’t get super fussy with make up an jewelry at the lake.  However, some accessories are needed, and a ton of skin/ hair products to protect from the sun.  Check out my list below.


And finally, packing the car.  If one will be driving 8+ hours, this requires planning as well.  Especially when traveling with someone.  This means two opinions on temptress, music, snacks, etc.  My car plan is not quite complete, but pretty close to completed.