Weekend Shopping

Every weekend I typically make 2 stops…1) HOMEGOODS and 2) TARGET.  I want all our items in our home to be touchable and comfortable and flow from space to space, but more importantly I want it to feel built over time, other then the look that screams “my whole house was purchased one weekend at rooms to go.”

So, I usually pick up 1-2 things per weekend even if they are small like a candle.  This way there is always something new and the small space never becomes stale.

Okay, but first lets start with a laugh. Check out this piece of work I saw at HOMEGOODS.


Do people seriously buy this stuff? Looks like thanksgiving exploded on this dish.

But on a more serious note, I picked up silverware, because heaven knows we needed it.  Our home has had disappearing forks lately.


Then these cute little urchins at Target for $20.  I’d been looking for one to put on our coffee table, but they are always $150+.   I put the mid size one on the coffee table and hung the larger in the entry space.  3 urchins seems too man, so the smaller one is being gifted to my sister.






There you have it…basically my weekend in a nutshell.


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