3 Day Weekend

Our Memorial Day weekend was great and a much needed time to disconnect.  Friday evening I ran the errands which I typically reserve for Saturdays, while Eric had a “man night” with his friends.  Saturday, we spent time working on a few things around the house, including a bathroom update coming to you soon. Sunday was spent at my parents, eating and playing board games, followed by a Memorial Day brunch, neighborhood Memorial Day BBQ and some quality time with Eric prepping for our fertility planning.


Glitter Sandals (currently 30% off on Cartwheel App)


American Dreamer Tee


Latte Bowl

Home of the FREE, because of the Brave!

Memorial Day Round Up

Memorial Day is yet another day I experience with a mix of emotion.  I am conflicted between balancing a heavy heart for those who have sacrificed so much for our freedom, but also enjoying the time with family and the American traditions.  We certainly have a full line up with lots of family and community happenings, calling for a casual yet festive outfit. I tend to lean towards neutrals, with pops of red versus stars and stripes and theme centered pieces.  I want more than 2 wears out of a purchase.  I have rounded up my favorites and all are under $100!!!

Glitter SandalsDenim DressRed Fringe SandalsWhite DressDenim RomperRed Tassel SandalsRed Earrings

Eric Turns OLD!

This weekend we celebrated Eric’s 34th birthday.  This is pretty much 35, which rounds up to 40, so basically Eric is 40! Just kidding, he hates getting older, even though he still looks 25! We kept everything simple and low key, but still manly.  Meaning: no glitter, no ruffles, no Taylor Swift, no invitations, no frilly cake, etc. but did include a pizza bar, simple cupcakes,  and a few neutrally wrapped presents and decorations.


Metal Stand , Wood Trough , Wood Platter , Easel , Planter

Eric grilled the pizzas outside, and we used these fun paper plates for easy clean up!

For the decorations, I printed out pictures from the past year of Eric at different points and major events and hand made a garland and “34” above the the mantel, from my home computer on standard printing paper.  I also added this Happy Birthday banner .  I used butcher paper to wrap gifts and drew on them with a sharpie and added black ribbons.  Overall, I spent under $15 on decor and wrapping supplies.  Have to keep it simple, because not only are fertility treatments a bitch (sorry mom) , they are EXPENSIVE!!


To another crazy and fun filled year ahead for my love!

Life According to my iPhone

The last few days have been non stop for us: family, work and everything else in between, but we certainly have some highlights to share!

Mother’s Day was AH-MAZING!  My mom and I ended up taking a Maine themed cooking class at Sur La Table ; we made crab cakes, lobster rolls and strawberry shortcakes, and some new friends, which was perfect for my mother.  I swear she would move to Maine tomorrow, if all her children were not in Texas!  This is a PERFECT gift in the future for  all mothers or a great girls night out ( and it’s BYOW)!

At the same time, Mother’s Day is always bitter sweet for me, as I am sure it is for all women who are not mothers and wish to be.  While sometimes I feel so isolated in my infertility journey, it was amazing to see the outpouring of support last Sunday and know that you are not alone.

That being said, we started our fertility treatments!!! Exciting and painful.  I feel like a science experiment! None the less, I just keeping thinking every appointment, test, etc. will bring us one step closer to Baby Holt!


Also, baby sister’s graduation.  My littlest sister graduated from Texas A&M on Saturday (Queue proud sister feelings)!  We spent the day with family enjoying each others’ company, celebrating Marcy’s accomplishments and eating way too much comfort food.

Pink Dress , White Dress (currently 40% off)

And, on a final note, my new Magnolia Home kitchen table arrived! It is currently still residing in its box, but once Mr. Holt decides to build, then I will share!

Now, who’s ready for a glass of wine to bring in hump day?



Wedding Shower with a TWIST

My youngest sister will getting married in a few short months, and therefore I will be hosting her shower at my home.  I am beyond excited for her and her darling finance, but also to be able to host a shower that moves away from traditional pink and mimosas.  Instead, I plan to host an adults only, evening shower with a more elegant and earthy tone.  I often refer to my sister as  our “little hippie” and want to keep everything aligned to her taste.  Below are my inspiration photos for the feel I want.

Photos via Pintrest

My plan is to stay neutral, combining earthy touches with modern shapes including soft linens, geometric shapes, brass and copper accents and a ton of greenery, most likely succulents, mint and magnolia. Plus can you imagine the smell of our home? Be still my heart!!! For the menu, I am thinking organic cheeses, fruits, hummus, etc.  I want everything very simple and bite sized, arranged on platforms and trunks the spread throughout the house.  And of course wine; also, spritzers  and earth toned drinks like this crisp cocktail or this pretty gimlet .

Anyways, I have started collecting ideas and putting together a purchase list to keep things under control budget wise, so it does not hit all at once and Mr. Holt is not overwhelmed.  Here is what I have to date on the “to buy” list..

Brass & Glass Planters , Serving Platter , Copper Mug , Gold Planters

I also found these invitations which I asked to be recreated into a shower invitation, and the artist was more than helpful and willing.  I cannot wait for them to arrive.


Any ideas out there?  I am always looking for fresh inspiration!

Fixer Upper & A New Table

The day is almost here!!! I ordered a table for our kitchen nook the opening weekend of Joanna Gaines’ furniture release and it is scheduled to arrive on May 13th!  I blogged about this table here , but it is almost here.  In honor of my LOVE for Fixer Upper and my new table, I have rounded up a few items to add to my Magnolia wish list!

Magnolia Market

Now, I will need to locate knock offs and start saving some $ before Mr. Holt starts banning Fixer Upper from the DVR! 🙂

Blueberry French Toast Bake

Have I mentioned before how much I adore Pintrest?  Free recipes!!! I wanted to share one we recently tried for a quick and easy, but still tasty breakfast.  You know we will take this over cearel bars any day.  Also, it is super simple and relatively mess free, and can be prepped the night before.  This one is making the list for any overnight guests in the future.


Teal Bowl

What you will need:

*Loaf of French bread

*4 Eggs

*2 cups Milk

*2 Tbsp Vanilla

*2Tsp Cinnamon

*2 Tsp Nutmeg

*3/4 cup Blueberries


Lightly grease a small glass baking pan, & slightly layer bread over one another. (very slightly).  Mix together spices, eggs, milk & vanilla in a bowl.  Poor mixture over the bread.  Cover and refrigerate over night.  The next morning dump blueberries over the top evenly & bake @ 350 degrees for 30 minutes.  Let cool before eating.

Best served with sprinkled powdered sugar, dark amber maple syrup & a mimosa. Happy Brunching!