Spring/Summer Makeup Capsule 2: Planning

I must admit I ended up absolutely loving the concept of a make up capsule and timing was just perfect after about 5 months I am just starting to run out.  It created the most stress free money saving situation for my make up routine…LOVE it.  So I will begin my Spring/Summer capsule on March 15th and will hold it until October 1st.  If you are not familiar, I will select only 15 items for make up throughout both seasons and will not make additional purchases until fall/ winter rolls around.  Therefore, I have been thinking hard and planning with great care.  I have also included my hair products, perfume and a new make up bag because mine is disgusting and an upgrade is needed.  Those items are not included in my 15 make up items, but landed on my inspiration/planning board below because I find them somewhat linked and am thinking of trial running a capsule for beauty ( non makeup) products.  More to come on that, but here are my plans and I will update accordingly with details, including look inspirations, prices and sources once I have purchased and finalized it.




House Hunting: Contender 5

This home needs a little TLC, but nothing major or immediate needed and in a great area only .5 miles from the elementary school.  The best part is hands down the beautiful backyard.  I am seeing serious potential here…GREAT bones!

Valentine’s Day..

Or it will be soon, so I thought I would share some of my favorites!

1- These glasses are from Anthropologie and I LOVE them.  They are a little on the pricey side, but I love the vintage feel.  They almost look like lace.  Also, they are not too Valentines-ish,  so could be used throughout the year.

2- Bath & Body Works candles.  The sweet pink shade and scent make this a perfect a Valentine’s Day purchase.

3- Miss Dior perfume.  This is my signature scent, but I love how feminine the bottle is, the light pink shade as well as a sexy scent.  This is perfect for the Valentine’s Day date!

4- NARS in heat wave.  While we are on the topic of date night, I have every intention to rock the red lip.  While also a little pricey for lipstick, this has hands down been my best beauty buy EVER.

5- A festive garland.  This is from Steph Loves Ben Etsy shop.  I love the look with the peach pop of color being so unexpected and price effective at $18.  I highly recommend this shop, she turns out great products and quick shipping.

6- I picked these up at Target last week.  I pave been obsessed with hot coco this winter not why not jazz it up Valentine’s Day style with pink heart shaped marshmallows.

Round 4…

Things, I am loving about this property… first and foremost there is absolutely no carpet in this home. Second, this yard is amazing and in an extremely established neighborhood in top ranked school district.  Third, curb appeal to die for, am I right? In my mind, I have already decorated this home for Christmas, this would be the ultimate holiday house!

Now for the Deltas, the kitchen needs some TLC.  It is by far the worst space in the home.  I am fully aware kitchen remodels are EXPENSIVE.  So could I live with it for 3-4 years yes, but it is not pretty.  Second, I worry this neighborhood is too mature.  I will have to stalk the neighbors, because you guessed it, I am creepy like that.

I only have limited photos.  My iPad was no cooperating in downloading this evening.