Peace before the Storm

Our lives have been filled with some big and tough decisions lately between work, family obligations and our infertility journey.  We recently took a few days to meet my family for a few days at Table Rock lake in Missouri. We swam, skied, played dominos (which we LOVE) and ate some of the best breakfasts known to mankind, compliments of my grandma.  Also, Beefcake came with us and experienced her first swim! Talk about total cuteness!!!!


This time rejuvenates me and I just feel much more calm and at peace, when life tends to feel like a whirlwind.  Upon our return, we went back to the fertility doctor and received some unfortunate news.  My cyst is still present and large in size, measuring about 5 cm. So, it must come out, which means surgery and another delay in our timeline.  This is both frustrating and scary, but we will conquer it head on next week.  We are just taking it one day at a time.



My Go To Travel Outfit

With so much traveling for my job, I must say I am becoming an expert at packing light and keeping things comfortable on the plane. So I Bring to you my fool proof and go to outfit. #nailedit


Tunic old from Target, same style Tunic but in yellow, Jacket , Flats

First and most importantly, shoes are something that one should always consider when flying.  They need to come off easy, be comfortable to walk long distances in,  and keep my feet warm on the plane.  Outside plane= 79 degrees, Inside plane= -22 degrees.  Okay, maybe a little bit of an exaggeration, but I’m sure you get the point. Anyways, I recommend a basic ballet flat.

Leggings.  BOOM… enough said.

If one wears leggings and does not wear a size 0-2, then you should always cover that booty.  A light weight tunic typically does the trick, layered with a sweater or lightweight jacket.

Then accessorize.  Not shown in this photo is a massive red purse for a pop of color and to store my iPad, sunglasses, iPhone, makeup, lap top, headphones, gum, the entire country of China, etc.

As always, I spend my money on accessories, here is Mt Tote  and a similar more Budget Friendly Tote .

Beach Style

So this week I received an email from American Airlines, basically telling me that my miles are use them or we are going to hike up the miles needed to actually go anywhere so you have saved them for nothing!  So, I panicked as usual and called my husband.  So…we are going on vacation and it’s time to start planning/shopping.  It also turns out I have accumulated enough miles ( I love my job) to take two vacations.  So our plan is to hit Palm Springs in April and Miami in July.  I am still sorting through those details, but started shopping while on the world’s most boring and unnecessary conference call.  So, I bring to you one bad ass( sorry mom) splurge v. save and all the other goodies that have made it to my shopping cart today!

 $319 Splurge Scalloped Suit , $44 Save Scalloped Suit

White Cover-Up , Teal Tassel Cover-Up , Straw Tote , Asset Towel ,

Pattern Monokini , Halter Swimsuit , Wedges


Life According to my iPhone…

Life has been moving a million miles a minute lately.  We have been visiting our house, aka dirt, a lot lately and are starting to see some progress.  We have foundation now!!!!  We have also finalized our paint colors for the interior as well.  Loving the cool gray tones.  In other news, I have been starting up with heavy travel again so spent the last week in Scottsdale.  It really is so beautiful there.  And, last but not least, of course I supported #nationaldogday .

Weekend Warriors

This weekend we jetted off on a quick trip to Seattle.  I was a bridesmaid in a former co-worker, now friend’s wedding.  Our trip started a 3:00 in DFW on Saturday morning and was quite hectic, we barely made it yo the gate on time, when…we were told to check our carry on bag.  Two and a half hours later, we landed at LAX, also known as the land of lost luggage.  We grabbed some coffee and unknowingly jumped on our next flight to Seattle.  Being a nervous flier, I was relieved that we had arrived to our final destination safely.  The same could not be said for the carry on bag.  The bag which contained my bridesmaid dress, lap top, Eric’s wedding outfit, both our rehearsal outfits, etc.  Needless to say that made for a few frantic pre-wedding days, but turns out my bag may have ventured to Korea… WTF Delta!!! However, we were able to get another dress and wedding was truly beautiful…always a good reminder it is just stuff, and people are more important.  I live weddings, I feel like they bring me and my relationship back to center.  image image imageimage image imageimage

Then came wedding day…

image image image image image image

After the wedding we took a day to your Seattle.  Which I GORGOUS!!! I found myself wanting to pack up and make a move, until I remembered that down payment on a new house…bummer!  Go visit, truly a fantastic city!

image image image image image image image image image image

Finally, it was time to return home, but not without one more breathtaking view from the plane.