It is finally almost here and while it may not feel like fall tempatures outside, it is starting to feel like fall inside.  Right now, I am making simple fall, not Halloween, updates around the house.

I added some new fall pillow covers in the living room and some neutral pumpkins to the entry way.  I also picked up this tortoise vase from Pottery Barn in the clearance section last week for $28 during their take additional off clearance sale.  Score!!

imageimagePlaid Pillow , Pumpkins , Vase

In the kitchen, I simply picked up a copper basket to fill with mini pumpkins, and added my favorite Halloween snack ( candy corn & sealed peanuts). More to come for Halloween in October, but for now I’m welcoming Fall with open arms and many Pumpkin Spice Lattes!


Copper Basket old from Homegoods (similar here)


Friday Favorites…

So, this Friday Favorites may get somewhat wordy.  I made an impromptu trip to Target last night to pick up some groceries because I am having all sorts of stupid cravings lately.  Last night, it just happened to be s’mores, so to Target I went.  There it was, the PSL at the Starbucks in Target.  It hit me like a train…it is now fall and all things fall are appropriate…game on!  Like most, women a few years out of college, fall has quickly become my favorite of the seasons…the food, the holidays, the smells, the weather, you just can’t beat it.  So today, I am sharing my Must-Have list for fall ( even though I wear ALL of these items in the winter too).

Fall/ Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Fall/ Winter Wardrobe

Had this

Had this

J Crew chambray top

Had this

Wrap coat

H M brown faux fur vest
$47 – hm.com

Had this


Had this

J Crew stretchy mini skirt

Flared skirt
$32 – newlook.com

Had these

Had this

Had this

 Had this

Had this

Had this

 Had this

Had this

 Had this

Had this

Kate spade glove

 Had this

The plaid poncho is Ralph Lauren. Plaid shoes, black fur crowl, baseball tees, dresses, plaid shirts, black fur mittens and the other hat are from Aritzia.  🙂

Fall Capsule Wardrobe: Progress

It is still 80 degrees here in TX, so I still have about 2-3 weeks to finalize my purchases.  I will say, when I started this I was expecting fun, but it is a little stressful.  However, what I’ve learned from my make up capsule is once it’s done, then it is done.  I have not purchased any beauty products, thought about it or stressed about making a decision for almost a month and it is liberating.  I am hoping my fall/winter clothing capsule will be similar.  Okay here is what I have so far (purchases only)…


So, what I have learned through shopping, I like comfort and casual clothing.  While I am attracted to the more glamorous textures in photos, I prefer high quality basics in real life.  More to come as I finalize it.  I am not even 30% to budget yet which is exciting !!!


*Puffer Jacket – Gap

*Basic Tee- Banana Republic

*Puffer Vest- J Crew Factory

*Thermal Tee- Aritzia

Simplicity: Creating my Fall Capsule Wardrobe

As I venture on with my new practice of simplicity, I have been researching and reevaluating my style and what I really need/ will use.  I am sharing my inspiration photos and will follow with my actual finds and purchases in the future ( post to come)!

In the post about my makeup capsule I defined my lifestyle and importance for making lifestyle appropriate choices if you only have a limited amount of items to use.  So, here we go…

HOME & FUN (30% of my week ). This is only place for self expression so I have more inspiration here.


Keywords:  Cozy, Warm and Neutral

I am loving long tees and oversized sweaters.  But also have some flirty pieces that can transition to date nights….aka fur or full skirts.

WORK.  Unfortunately, the bulk of my life.  However, I love what I do.  I have mentioned working in a super conservative industry and more so an ultra conservative company.  Hence, the theme of black.

Keywords: Power, Simple and Polished

*Let me explain why power found a place in my keywords.  I work in a male driven industry, in addition to sounding like I am 12 on the phone, I want my work wardrobe to help others take me seriously through sometimes intense conversations with coworkers whom outrank me.  Not creepy, crazy…promise!!

I find myself drawn to black on black, clean and sharp lines with basic foundational pieces. Plus, good investment! 🙂

I will let you know once built and put into practice, as well as sources and prices.


Supporting Local Businesses

I love our local flea market.  I try to make about a trip a week, but some staples include…

Local raw honey.  The health benefits are incredible, particularly when it comes to allergies.  This honey is decent priced and made about 30 minutes on a bee farm.  100%  unfiltered. I LOVE it.


Handmade seasonal candles.  I found this little booth and I love these candles, they are strongly scented and burn well.  In addition, to the fact they are totally cute if you can get past the gaudy Halloween decor.