April Showers

It is the season for baby showers and wedding showers! I am officially promoting myself to SVP of the shower planning committee.  If you happen to find yourself being charged with planning and/or hosting a shower, let me depart some wisdom on you and walk you thru my fool proof plan to make it chic and cute, yet not break the bank.

From a budgeting standpoint, you will most likely throw multiple showers in your lifetime, so instead of choosing a theme (aka pink bunnies or blue tiny elephants, etc.)  go for timeless pieces that can be used over and over again and at ALL COST avoid themes!!!  Otherwise, your money literally is going straight to the trash.  When I am co-hosting, I let the other ladies know the theme will be “British tea party” or “southern garden party” or “vintage chic” so I can reuse all my stuff in new ways that look classy and still do not break the bank, but also gives them input and something to contribute ideas towards. Basically, you are giving the unstylish people a voice.  Anyways, here we go…

Ongoing Shopping

Things you should start collecting at thrift shops when you see them: vintage lace tablecloths and mismatched  sets of china.  I typically only purchase tea cups and saucers.  Saucers also make fabulous mini dessert plates. These will run you about $2-$3 an item.


I cannot stress the importance of an invitation.  This is not only a keepsake for the bride or mommy to be, but really sets the tone for your event.  You don’t want people showing up in yoga pants (there is a time and place and they are: Yoga Studio, Target and Chic-Fli-A). Ladies e-vites are a big no no! I typically order thru Etsy, because I like supporting small business owners.  Also, they typically will allow you to customize and you are buying a digital file, so can print as many or as few as you like. I  look at wedding invitations and ask the shop owner to repurpose for a shower.  If I am pressed for time, then I always go to Minted as my back up plan.


From a food perspective, this completely depends on the time of day and your budget, but is a great place to scale back and DIY.  Some must haves for every event is a cake and mimosas.  I am a huge fan of the mimosa bar, as it also encourages mingling with others who may be attending alone.  My favorite, however, is the naked cake.  This was 2015’s hot wedding trend, but oh my goodness, SO PRETTY and easy to do at home.  Baking, minimal frosting needed and no decorating skill needed and garnish with flowers or berries.  Boom, fits all color schemes too!

Other Tid Bits

Remember, you are making memories for someone close to you and details matter.  I like to think about things functionally then add a little extra.  My go to for my A game parties, putting flowers in the ice cubes for drinks, simple floral arrangements which I can DIY, and the scent of my home\host home.

I use, reuse and recycle all my shower gear, and will for years to come! Now invitations and flowers are all I need to purchase.  Great long term plan, for the social gal!

images via google.com, mine to follow in future post



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