Out with the Old

And in with the PINK!!!  When planning my spring beauty routine, I chose products that would inspire me to feel fresh and feminine.  Lately, I have found myself craving femininity in my work life; I am sick and tired of blending in with the boys at work and want to embrace spring’s soft pinks, blushes and corals.  Like always, I try to limit my pieces so I do not blow my budget.  Quality v. Quantity is the name of the game.  Here is what I am going for…

Below are my top (and only) spring make up products, some new/some old, but I cannot express my new found love for this blush in words!  I purchased it because was prettily packaged and, well, the marketing got the best of me.  But, I LOVE it!

imageCoral Blush , Lipstick in Madison Ave , Mascara

From a beauty standpoint, and moving past makeup, I also wanted to focus on sustaining beauty care and body maintenance.  I am often guilty of neglect in this area. So this is where I am embracing the fresh and more natural skin look.


Self Tanner , Ted Baker Lotion , Perfume


Easter Dresses

One of my favorite things about Easter, outside of its religious stance, is the fact that everyone dresses up in their NEW dresses!  This means, no complaining from Mr. Holt when I bring home a fun girly, floral church dress.  I have rounded up my favorites for this spring and trying to stay within a reasonable budget. Happy Shopping!


White Dress , Pattern Midi Dress , Floral Dress , Gingham Dress , Blush Modern Dress

This is What Happens When you are Bored…

Sometimes, you just need to visualize your day dreams (also, in my day dreams I have no budget)….maybe one day 🙂 Baby Girl Room