Updates to our Kitchen

I have officially exhausted our window of time waiting for Joanna Gaines’ to release her home furnishing line and make my dream table a reality. But, with Easter around the corner (10 days yikes!) and 2 brunches to host, we have got to make a decision ASAP, which I am completely cool with.  Table shopping is my jam, it is my favorite piece to shop for other than lighting.  First, I bring to you a SAVE v. SPLURGE!

Splurge Table @ $2595,  Save Table @$699 AND currently 17% off of that!

While, I wish I could do my entire home in Restoration Hardware furnishings, we are just not in that financial position, but I do plan to purchase my chairs from RH.


RH Chairs @ $99 (similar and more budget friendly here)

And, finally we come to kitchen lighting.  Once again, I would LOVE to drop a couple thousand dollars in RH, but can’t so here is where we land. These fun shaped glass pendants will find a home above the island, and this industrial pendant for above the table.  I wanted to keep it very simple in kitchen.

Glass Pendant , Large Pendant



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