Wedding Bells

There is nothing I love more than weddings.  It is a fresh beginning and a celebration of love and I have been and will always be a cheerleader for both love and marriage.  2 weeks ago my youngest sister was married and her wedding was so very beautiful so had to share some photos.

She was married in a little white chapel north of Mckinney, TX.  You MUST check out the original doors and hardwood floors. During the ceremony they shared a beautiful first prayer together while the music played and while we could not hear the words he spoke, we watched her husband pray for their marriage.  It was so touching and so moving.  It may have been one of the most beautiful moments I have witnessed in my life.


Following, the reception was held at a neighboring barn that was dressed up with chandeliers and linens.  It was so pretty and so fun and I also watched my mom shake it…who knew that existed!!!




Wedding Shower with a TWIST

My youngest sister will getting married in a few short months, and therefore I will be hosting her shower at my home.  I am beyond excited for her and her darling finance, but also to be able to host a shower that moves away from traditional pink and mimosas.  Instead, I plan to host an adults only, evening shower with a more elegant and earthy tone.  I often refer to my sister as  our “little hippie” and want to keep everything aligned to her taste.  Below are my inspiration photos for the feel I want.

Photos via Pintrest

My plan is to stay neutral, combining earthy touches with modern shapes including soft linens, geometric shapes, brass and copper accents and a ton of greenery, most likely succulents, mint and magnolia. Plus can you imagine the smell of our home? Be still my heart!!! For the menu, I am thinking organic cheeses, fruits, hummus, etc.  I want everything very simple and bite sized, arranged on platforms and trunks the spread throughout the house.  And of course wine; also, spritzers  and earth toned drinks like this crisp cocktail or this pretty gimlet .

Anyways, I have started collecting ideas and putting together a purchase list to keep things under control budget wise, so it does not hit all at once and Mr. Holt is not overwhelmed.  Here is what I have to date on the “to buy” list..

Brass & Glass Planters , Serving Platter , Copper Mug , Gold Planters

I also found these invitations which I asked to be recreated into a shower invitation, and the artist was more than helpful and willing.  I cannot wait for them to arrive.


Any ideas out there?  I am always looking for fresh inspiration!

Weekend Warriors

This weekend we jetted off on a quick trip to Seattle.  I was a bridesmaid in a former co-worker, now friend’s wedding.  Our trip started a 3:00 in DFW on Saturday morning and was quite hectic, we barely made it yo the gate on time, when…we were told to check our carry on bag.  Two and a half hours later, we landed at LAX, also known as the land of lost luggage.  We grabbed some coffee and unknowingly jumped on our next flight to Seattle.  Being a nervous flier, I was relieved that we had arrived to our final destination safely.  The same could not be said for the carry on bag.  The bag which contained my bridesmaid dress, lap top, Eric’s wedding outfit, both our rehearsal outfits, etc.  Needless to say that made for a few frantic pre-wedding days, but turns out my bag may have ventured to Korea… WTF Delta!!! However, we were able to get another dress and wedding was truly beautiful…always a good reminder it is just stuff, and people are more important.  I live weddings, I feel like they bring me and my relationship back to center.  image image imageimage image imageimage

Then came wedding day…

image image image image image image

After the wedding we took a day to your Seattle.  Which I GORGOUS!!! I found myself wanting to pack up and make a move, until I remembered that down payment on a new house…bummer!  Go visit, truly a fantastic city!

image image image image image image image image image image

Finally, it was time to return home, but not without one more breathtaking view from the plane.


7 Years and Counting!

I will be brief as this yet another post of celebration.  I celebrated 2 anniversaries today.  My 2 year mark at my job and my 7 year wedding anniversary!

Did I happen to mention, I have the world’s sweetest husband?  If not, I am saying it now.