Dear 2014,

You were an insanely challenging, but quite an awesome year and I am thankful for you.   Let us review…

In April we moved.  Enough said there, but I might add I would count my packing skills to be amongst the best.

In August I received my first promotion at work. May I tell you that it was well earned and a long time coming ( 5 years of experience…my butt).  In October, Eric received a promotion.  This was BIG news in our house, but it gets so much better.  In November, I took a new role in my company that will officially begin in February, but might as well have started right then as I am transitioning roles currently.  In December, Eric took a new role in his company beginning tomorrow.  Now, while we are super excited, these moves are coming with some significant change.  We don’t always handle change well. And by we I mean I.  Needless to say I definitely have learned the payoff of hard work and how to take a leap of faith and appropriately assume risk.

We certainly embraced financial responsibility and have been diligent in paying down/ off debts.  Damn student loans! ( sorry mom)

More importantly, I learned a lot about teamwork and marriage this year.  We celebrated 7 years of marriage in August and this has hands down been the best year.  I have a new appreciation for my husband and have seen how supportive he is and his level of sacrifice.  This was the year we stopped being a couple and started a TRUE partnership.

So 2014, while we did not experience any fun adventures, we really have settled into our marriage, started partnering, experienced multiple professional  and personal blessings and successes.  In short, while you sure did suck at times, you have made me stronger and developed me more than your prior counterparts.  Be sure to tell 2015 that we expect nothing less!