What to Pack

I thought this would be a good start to the beginning of my favorite season! By the way Happy Fall.  As always, with my role at my company travel becomes inevitable.  Typically a new city each week until mid November, as things start to somewhat slow (fingers crossed).  Needless to say all working gals that travel are accustomed to finding ways to be stylish yet space conscious. So I am sharing my packing essiential list for fall.

Also, the workplace at my employer has officially gone business casual.  While I have, at times flirted ( totally jumped over) the line, it is now safe regardless who I am meeting with.  Thank God, we have joined the rest of the world about 20 years late to the game, but have arrived.  Therefore, you will see NO suits!


Now let’s get into the details.  Like my casual wardrobe, I want to reflect those fall colors we all love so much.  However, now with more self expression as an option, I am loving the idea of skirts.  Instead of a traditional trouser I have paired 2 plaid skirts.  I am all about plaid these days.  The downside, space, but for the next few months I may just check my bag!

Dresses are an easy way to reduce space and less complicated to create an outfit, so lots and lots of dresses will be in my work wardrobe and travel with me into the fall months.

As always, I stick to the rule of five when concerning my accessories.  I have been known to drop some $ on accessories and shoes, so I might as well wear them.  I am a firm believer accessories add polish to one’s professional presence. However, I am an advocate of quality over quantity and 1 ( maybe 2 at most) accessories per outfit.  For purposes of this particular post, I am only taking 4. The colors speak for themselves.

Finally. I am changing out my black bag, for a warm autumn tone.  This is the ONLY season I stray from black.

Sources: Gold earrings from Macy’s / Scarf by Marc Jacobs / leopard pumps by Kate Spade / Grey wool coat from Victoria Secret online / Black and navy pumps by Christian Louboutin from Neimen Marcus