Gnome Sweet Gnome

We have finally made the move to the new house and have been busy to say the least.  Turns out trying to unpack, complete paperwork, shop for appliances and furniture is a time suck, especially during heavy work periods.  Anyways, here we go with pics!

This is the outside of our house.  We chose to elevate the roof and add up lighting. The landscaping leaves more to be desired, but we will start working on it this spring.

This is looking in from our front door and then into the soon be office, where I would love to put floor to ceiling shelves and a large plush chair, but love the french doors.

Heading past the office is the dining room. I am thinking charcoal walls here…soon!


This is our living room/kitchen.  I was insistent on white cabinets and subway tile.  We customized our island and extended it to maximize storage space plus I love the clean lines and stainless farm sink!!!  We also opted in for double ovens(boom) and a carrera marble look alike counter.

I also LOVE our stone fireplace!


Our backyard is tiny, but our back porch is awesome.  We added a gas drop, extended our patio and added tv and speaker wiring out here. Also, a big spend are for us. We are currently debating sectional v. table…TBD.  To to the right is our bedroom. I love that the hardwoods are carried out in here.


Heading into the bathroom.  I LOVE the shower, the builder grade mirrors and light…not so much. I’ll be making changes here eventually. (Paint color is March Winds by Sherman Williams).

We also have another bedroom and bathroom downstairs.  I love the dark walls in these bathrooms.

Upstairs host a game room, media room and this awkward space which I have no clue what to do here. (Media paint color is Peppercorn by Pottery Barn for Sherman Williams).

The mini-hall upstairs leads to 2 bedrooms and a third bathroom.

I am more than excited to start decorating this 3400 sq. ft. house and turn it into our home.  The journey is beginning slowly but surely. We feel so blessed!




Life According to my iPhone

It has been quite quiet over here, but not at all in life.  Building a new home is like taking on a new career.  No one could have prepared my for this after the excitement wore off in July and now it’s back as we are exactly 30 days until closing and the countdown is on.  Over the next month life will consist of working, packing, and finishing up home selections!  Without further rambling, this sums up my life lately…

Because I’m all about that BASE!

Everyone knows the base and anchor of any room is flooring so I have decided to share a few inspirational yet realistic flooring photos, which may be at the Holt house in a few short months!

In other news, I purchased the first light fixture for our new house from Crate & Barrell yesterday.  I have big plans for this beauty in my laundry room.  It was basically the only space Eric would get on board with.  He was not a big fan, but I guess the bigger concern is if he doesn’t plan to be in laundry room then who will be washing his clothes…


Life According to my iPhone…

Life has been moving a million miles a minute lately.  We have been visiting our house, aka dirt, a lot lately and are starting to see some progress.  We have foundation now!!!!  We have also finalized our paint colors for the interior as well.  Loving the cool gray tones.  In other news, I have been starting up with heavy travel again so spent the last week in Scottsdale.  It really is so beautiful there.  And, last but not least, of course I supported #nationaldogday .

Updates on Our House

We are starting to make progress on our home and foundation is coming shortly.  We have rough plumbing going in this week, and our meeting with the builder to finalize design choices.


I really have struggled with committing to a brick color, but am 99% sure we will be going with the color below, with super dark espresso cedar garage doors, trim and front door.


I am also planning decor ideas room by room via Pintrest, and starting with our hall bathroom, which will be used my guests.  As much as I love the cape cod look, the more I think about it the more I think it will not work for our lifestyle, so really leaning more towards industrial, neutral, and touchable.  Enough rambling and bring on the pics!