IVF Continued & Halloween Happenings

Well, as expected our first fresh IVF cycle did not result in a successful pregnancy.  It did however yield us 8 high quality embryos, which I already adore beyond reason.  The heart is an unusual thing, and attachments formed stronger then I could have ever imagined even though they are have never been inside my body.  It truly is miraculous and magnificent to feel that level of deep love.  Every women should experience this.

After our loss, we slowly and painfully picked up the pieces of our hearts and begin pushing forward towards our fist frozen embryo transfer.  Like most infertility journeys, even the best laid out plan always consists of snags.  Our RE was out of the country for the entire month of October, but luckily our clinic is comprised of a husband wife team, so who better then to transfer our little angel then our RE’s wife…I mean they might as well be family.  We scheduled for 10/28.  Unfortunately, my insurance delayed us by a week, then I needed to travel for work the following week.  We finally landed the date of 11/11 and low and behold I went in to have my endo lining check and now we are out another week with a scheduled transfer of 11/18.  I jokingly told my husband, if we get pushed back another week to Black Friday, I wonder if they will give us a sale price (winking smiley)!

So this Sunday we will confirm a date, and begin the dreaded PIO shots.  Those needles are longer then my fingers.  Holy shit, I’m super scared but I know it will be worth it!

On a lighter note, Halloween in our new hood was SO MUCH FUN!  We took Beefcake to the pumpkin patch to pick out a pumpkin,  you know where most people take their children. I carved that thing like a pro and it was HUGE.  Eric dressed up in a mask and scared children, while me and the dog had a blast passing out candy and dancing to Thriller!  We also got to decorate for the first time and I loved every single minute of it. Until next year cob webs…





It is finally almost here and while it may not feel like fall tempatures outside, it is starting to feel like fall inside.  Right now, I am making simple fall, not Halloween, updates around the house.

I added some new fall pillow covers in the living room and some neutral pumpkins to the entry way.  I also picked up this tortoise vase from Pottery Barn in the clearance section last week for $28 during their take additional off clearance sale.  Score!!

imageimagePlaid Pillow , Pumpkins , Vase

In the kitchen, I simply picked up a copper basket to fill with mini pumpkins, and added my favorite Halloween snack ( candy corn & sealed peanuts). More to come for Halloween in October, but for now I’m welcoming Fall with open arms and many Pumpkin Spice Lattes!


Copper Basket old from Homegoods (similar here)

Happy Halloween & a Trip to the Flea Market

First of all happy Halloween!  Any holiday that combines candy and dressing up your pets is fine by me. :). We don’t really have any big plans outside of hoping the kids that come to our door don’t take Kit Kats! I didn’t really decorate this year outside of chalk drawings, but am planning on doing a little for Christmas.

Anyways, tomorrow my mom and I will be heading out to Canton.  This happens once a month and consists of miles upon miles of vendors selling crafts, jewelry, antiques, etc.  Let’s go ahead and get real 90% of the stuff there makes me want to vomit (aka ruffled hot pink chevron and burlap place mats with big crosses on them…YUCK), but there are handful of vintage vendors and you know I love a good find.  So here is my hunting list while in Canton…

1- Bar cart

2- Campaign furniture

3-Milk glass cake stand

4-Perfume Bottles

5-Vintage mirror

6-Diamond cut glass

There you have it, my ultimate wish list.  I will keep my eyes open for other goodies too, but this tops my list this trip.  Most likely we won’t be heading back until spring :(. Have a happy holiday!

DIY: Chalkboard



So, I see everyone has chalkboard art these days and I am all about it.  I have some chalkboard labels and a chalkboard globe in our apartment currently.  Once we have moved to a home, I will locate a victim for a Chalkboard wall ( poor mr. Holt).  But currently, I wanted a bigger space to doodle.  I looked online and in stores, I wanted something with clean edges and I kept finding very ornate framed boards, so I decided this was a perfect DIY candidate.  This cost me $17.  I bought a RIBBA frame from IKEA and I already had this black chalkboard paint from a few months back.  I simply painted the chalkboard paint onto the glass and then reframed.  It took about 3 coats, otherwise the beige walls would show thru in the light, but I am pleased with how it turned out and it is rather large, so plenty of doodle space.