4 Days Until Christmas…

I think Charles Dickens said it best, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…”  This could not be more in line with what I am feeling at this time of year.  The stress of the financial toll of Christmas has set in.  While every year I budget for it and plan for it, there are always unexpected costs and this year is no different.  It is interesting to because each year is a little different.  This year is the first year we have evEr argued about the fairness between families and how we will allocate time.  Our family situations are TOTALLY and completely different so it becomes a game of comparing apples and oranges.

Now I am finished ranting and on to the fun part, I love that this is a “cheerful” holiday season.  Everyone I meet out in stores is happy and wearing red glitter.  This makes me more then excited.  Also, gift exchanges…LOVE them!  But most of all I love that this time of year is super social.  Work parties, Christmas parties and outings…I can’t get enough. Last night, I went to the main strip in Grapevine.  For those of you from DFW you understand.  It is a small space with remodeled historic buildings, which are decked from top to bottom in Christmas gear.  The shops are adorable, the food is great and there are lighted parks and Christmas musicians playing everywhere.



We we had a mom and sister night, while the boys went to the Mavs game.  I think our night wins hands down.  Also,  I am all about my holiday sweater this year.  I bought it Black Friday shopping at J Crew for $35.  No jewelry required with this neckline.



Murder Mystery

Tonight we went out to celebrate our anniversary and decided to go to a murder mystery dinner in Grapevine at the Texas Star Dinner Theater.  It was so much fun and their team was hilarious as well as yummy comfort food ( we all need a splurge now and then).  Turns out, our team was able to guess the murdered but I won’t tell. I would highly recommend, learn more at http://www.texasstaedinnertheater.com .