Another Bump in the Road

It has been a while since my last update, and honestly I have been feeling totally and completely defeated.  During our original vist to the RE, Dr. Kevin identified a cyst on my left ovary.  He scheduled an appointment three weeks out and let us know that most cysts are a result of failed ovulation and most often resolve themselves.  Unfortunately, at our follow up appointment last week, we found out my cyst had not grown, which is good, but it also is not any smaller which is VERY bad.  It was beyond obvious that he was totally surprised.  My cyst is just over 5 cm (blueberry sized), which I thought seemed small, but on an almond sized ovary makes it a little scarier.

We go back for an additional follow up appointment on July 15. If no progress has been made, I will need to have it surgically removed, which adds additional months to our timeline and quite frankly breaks my heart.  I anticipated that this journey would not be seamless, but putting treatment on hold after already trying for 566 days, is beyond frustrating.

However, enough of my negativity, at least we have an action plan and we still have the hope of success, which is a blessing in itself as I know many couples would gladly trade places. So, our journey continues, one day at a time.


We have started taking selfies in the car each time we visit the RE’s office.


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