1 in 8

Infertility affects one in eight couple trying to conceive…hello, I am part of the one!  Where to begin?  I never saw myself as the nurturing type and was not overly concerned with babies or starting a family until around my 28th birthday, and boom it hit.  It was like someone flipped a switch inside and it began to consume my thoughts.  Of course, being a planner by nature, I began getting all my ducks in line to present the best possible environment, financial situation and home to welcome baby.  You can read about it here .  Obviously, it has not gone to plan.  June 1st marked 18 months of no success, and June 2nd marked our first visit to the Reproductive Endrologist.


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Talk about nerves!!!  Blood test, dye tests, DNA analysis, sonograms, etc.  The hunt is certainly on and I had no idea the emotional toll or financial implications of all the testing before we even begin our actual treatment plan.  I have 3 more tests before our next appointment on June 23, where hopefully we will receive a diagnosis and firm treatment plan.

Along the way, we started collecting children’s books with written sentiments inside, so our children will know they were loved and prayed for before they were in existence.


I plan to document our journey, the medical jargon, emotional outburst, etc. There is comfort in numbers, so instead of being 1 in 8, I like to think of myself as part of the 39.87 million people affected by infertility in American.

Remaining Hopeful!


6 thoughts on “1 in 8

  1. This is one of those few clubs where one cannot say “welcome to the club”. Infertility can really take a toll so I’m the only suggestion I can say is hold tight to each other as partners and definitely find some bloggers that you can identify with as I found blogging has really saved me during my treatments ( much more than the online forums by the way). My other suggestion is to definitely be your own Advocate and don’t take what your doctor says as the only truth… every clinic has different protocol and different suggestions and different amounts of transparency. So many women including myself just believed their doctor’s recommendations and never asked them about other treatments they heard about or done their own homework as well on infertility treatments. I hope very much that you are not on the infertility journey for long and have good news soon 🙂

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  2. The books are such a sweet idea! My husband and I picked up a couple on our honeymoon never thinking it would be 37 months before we welcomed our little one to the world. Good luck with your tests!


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