Eric Turns OLD!

This weekend we celebrated Eric’s 34th birthday.  This is pretty much 35, which rounds up to 40, so basically Eric is 40! Just kidding, he hates getting older, even though he still looks 25! We kept everything simple and low key, but still manly.  Meaning: no glitter, no ruffles, no Taylor Swift, no invitations, no frilly cake, etc. but did include a pizza bar, simple cupcakes,  and a few neutrally wrapped presents and decorations.


Metal Stand , Wood Trough , Wood Platter , Easel , Planter

Eric grilled the pizzas outside, and we used these fun paper plates for easy clean up!

For the decorations, I printed out pictures from the past year of Eric at different points and major events and hand made a garland and “34” above the the mantel, from my home computer on standard printing paper.  I also added this Happy Birthday banner .  I used butcher paper to wrap gifts and drew on them with a sharpie and added black ribbons.  Overall, I spent under $15 on decor and wrapping supplies.  Have to keep it simple, because not only are fertility treatments a bitch (sorry mom) , they are EXPENSIVE!!


To another crazy and fun filled year ahead for my love!


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