Let There be Light!

And preferably pretty ones!  I am quickly learning lighting can make or break a room and is a relatively cheap way to transform a space but has a TON of impact. Plus you can take it with you! The lighting for our new house is awful at best, so I have come to terms that eventually ( over a VERY) long period of time I will need to replace all our lighting fixtures.  I am expecting this to take months and maybe years.  That said, I am already shopping and browsing for the right pieces for our space.  After much research around “layering” lighting, I have learned that each room needs a minimum of 3-4 layers, ceiling lighting is 1 of those layers…yikes $$$$!!!!  The lighting in our new home is mostly boob lights.  That’s right, our flush mount lights look like big old boobs on the ceiling. Something like this…


Here are a few of my favorites which I am exploring right now.  They are all from Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, Lowe’s and Lamps Plus.

And what would a home post be without a progress photo!




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