Weekend Warriors

This weekend we jetted off on a quick trip to Seattle.  I was a bridesmaid in a former co-worker, now friend’s wedding.  Our trip started a 3:00 in DFW on Saturday morning and was quite hectic, we barely made it yo the gate on time, when…we were told to check our carry on bag.  Two and a half hours later, we landed at LAX, also known as the land of lost luggage.  We grabbed some coffee and unknowingly jumped on our next flight to Seattle.  Being a nervous flier, I was relieved that we had arrived to our final destination safely.  The same could not be said for the carry on bag.  The bag which contained my bridesmaid dress, lap top, Eric’s wedding outfit, both our rehearsal outfits, etc.  Needless to say that made for a few frantic pre-wedding days, but turns out my bag may have ventured to Korea… WTF Delta!!! However, we were able to get another dress and wedding was truly beautiful…always a good reminder it is just stuff, and people are more important.  I live weddings, I feel like they bring me and my relationship back to center.  image image imageimage image imageimage

Then came wedding day…

image image image image image image

After the wedding we took a day to your Seattle.  Which I GORGOUS!!! I found myself wanting to pack up and make a move, until I remembered that down payment on a new house…bummer!  Go visit, truly a fantastic city!

image image image image image image image image image image

Finally, it was time to return home, but not without one more breathtaking view from the plane.



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