The Sound of Music

I meant to say the COLOR of music.  Okay, I have been thinking about what we should do in what will technically be our “playroom” in our new home.  We have a designated game room space that is large, this is more of an open loft space, maybe 8×9 ft.  I want to build in desks, or shelving along one wall. But this leaves quite a bit of open and unused space( insert guilty face emoji). Unused space is an ultimate sin in my book, seeing as we are living in about 600 square feet currently.  I was searching for ideas on Pinterest and had my mind blown when I discovered a painted piano.

I love the idea of having a piano in the home.  I took piano lessons as a child and I credit my math and fraction skills to those lessons, plus it is extremely soothing and relaxing to me.  But a painted piano, practical and stylish in one.  My creative side almost burst! I have since been scouring Craigslist and have come to discover I can probally get my hands on a piano for free, it will just need some tune up.  GAME ON!!!

I am thinking this grey color, in a lacquer finish, with a gallery wall and furry bench.  We will have to see the style of the piano.  I am not quite brave enough to go with a bold color. 😦


In other home news, I think I have found the couch I want for our living room.  Problem is this beauty rings in at $6000+, however I found this gem for $1300 ( modeled by my mom and sister). Getting excited and making plans slowly but surely.




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