House Hunting Contender 7 …

And possibly the final one.  The last five months of house hunting have been nothing short of exhausting, but this may just be the one. Things I am loving about this home: First and foremost is the curb appeal, I knew I liked this home when I was I invisioning what it would look like with Christmas lights ( the classic white ones, not the crazy carnival blow up, icicle looking ones!) .  Other things we loved, were the open flow between kitchen to family space, the enormous walk in shower ( which I have dreamed of since our visit to The Vine in Cancun) and the media room!!!! Also, the home is high tech, me being clueless to what this meant, Eric explained, the lights, sound and garage door are controlled by an app.  Like on your iPhone… It. Is. So. Cool!!!!

Home Stats: 3208 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, formal dining, gourmet kitchen, study, media room and covered porch.

Things, I’m not thrilled about, the carpet (yuck), all carpet, including new carpet is ugly to me.  There is no countertop in the laundry room, but we could add this later and then finally the yard is teeny tiny, but the porch is large and covered.  The biggest downfall…price…$19,750 over budget. GULP! However, Eric received an unexpected salary bump last month of 13% so I think we might be able to swing this!!!

Say a prayer for us, as we may be homeowners of this beauty next week (fingers crossed)!


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