Day in the Life..

Of a total WHITE GIRL!   The last few weeks I have been doing some heavy and I mean HEAVY traveling, like 17 of the last 20 days traveling.  Anyways, while in Houston this last week, I decided to stay one extra night and spend the day with my bestie, having the ultimate white girl day.


8:00am wake up and enjoy coffee while browsing the Restoration Hardware catalogs for chandeliers we cannot afford and trying to find look a likes on  We are both looking to add some more bling to our casas!

9:00 head out to the local nursery to score some new flowers or her garden beds.

10:00 Starbucks run!


10:30 antique mall.  That is right all white girls love antique hunting and scoring vintage jewelry.  We found an old globe, tassels and glass wear.  While, there we found some Star Wars gear and had to screw with my husband.


2:30 trip to Target to pick up some workout gear and pick up some wine. Being dressed is overrated!

3:00 FroYo.  Enough said.


5:00 mani pedi time. Hello heaven.  60 minutes of greatness, I legit fell asleep.


7:30 sushi dinner!

9:00 wine and gossiping about everyone we know while watching “shit sorority girls say” on  So FREAKING funny.

What can I say, this weekend was THE BEST!  #whitegirlsforlife


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