Summer/Spring Capsule Wardrobe

This was a much simpler task than fall/winter given that less clothing is needed, as well as accessories.  Without further delay…


Again, this is for about 6 months and I am aim to be under 30 pieces ( not including work clothes).

First, I included soon coming updates to my summer/spring makeup capsule, which will be almost complete I just have 1 more purchase to make.

So let’s talk about my reasoning. For my everyday wear I want to be able to mix and match neutrals, but I lean more towards navy and and soft beiges and grays. Obviously everyone needs some soft cotton tees.  These are from Gap and Banana Republic.  The soft kaki and navy bottoms match.  I am loving the clean lines of the shorts and the ladylike scallop of the skirt.  Both are from J Crew Factory.

My favorite part is the casual dresses. I live in these.  I do want to add the Reece dress from Sonnet James in navy/white.  It is my bday gift from my hubby…I am so excited!  When purchasing these, again, I look for neutral colors, at modest lengths and a nice breezy cotton blend.  They are fantastic for a trip to target, or walking the dog.

I also plan plan to spend some down time at the pool so I scouted a few cute one pieces with big summer hats to protect from the sun. No one needs more wrinkles. Also, a comfy, cute and neutral cover up is needed. I prefer a light maxi in cool tones.  This grey one is from Dillard’s and I LOVE it!

For brunches, lunches and casual day outings, simple maxi dresses are the way to go in the TX heat.  I like solids, and then add some metallic accents for some pop.  White and black all day long for this girl.  The best place for maxis I have found is hands down Nordstroms Rack. They are a little pricier, but the quality is fantastic.

For date nights and evenings out I like to have a go to outfit or two.  Again, I am all about the maxi dress here.  The white one has interesting straps with a silver metallic embellishments.  If you don’t know about Gilt, it is the best!  And just for fun, throwing in a clean and bold stripe.

No no matter the occasion, I am a tote purse kind of gal in the summer.  Clean and structured.  These are investments for me because they never go out of style and are practical for every occasion.  Also, I stay neutral with my sandals, but I am all about the flats these days.  I am entering a stage of life where heels just don’t fit my lifestyle anymore.  I never thought I’d see the day, but it is here.  The most important part of a summer wardrobe in my opinion is the right sunglasses.  I like a good black pair and a good tortoise pair as well.  Everyone also needs a cheap pair for the pool.

Now all we need is that beautiful Texas sunshine.



4 thoughts on “Summer/Spring Capsule Wardrobe

  1. Thank you for the inspiration, I am new to the whole capsule wardrobe thing, but your wardrobe is right up my ally. I will still have a few pairs of heels in there, but those are for date nights, living in Europe these streets are insane and I do not wear my really high heels unless I have my hubby to escort me and hold my hand ensuring I don’t look like a baby giraffe! haha


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