House Hunting…

After further consideration, I have decided that our second contender was just one space too small ( no play room, 2nd living or study…we just needed 1 of these) and was a little concerned about the lack of closet storage.  On a positive note, while visiting house 2, we found house 3, and more importantly FINALLY agreed on a neighborhood, which I will get to shortly, but first let us tour contender 3.

This is a bit darker for my tastes, but the bones are awesome and nothing needs to be fixed right away. My favorite part is that this home backs up to trees and a gentle creek, so pretty.  Let me just tell you this kitchen I HUGE and to die for, but the problem is the whole house is huge, as in may be too huge for our undertaking.  Is it possible to have too much house?  On the other hand, it made us ask the question, will this be a five year house? A ten year house? A twenty year house?  Just more to ponder.

No matter what, I considered today to be a huge win.  We found a perfect community for our “future” family.  If you are from DFW you may be familiar with Lantana.  Homes here can range from $300k to $1.5M, so feeling pretty good about quality neighbors.  Our current apartment is nice, but kind of neighbors the ghetto and it makes things a little uncomfortable and quite frankly makes me nervous at night.  Maybe I just watch to much Gangland.  We decided together that neighborhood and community would be the number one priority.

But, about this neighborhood…hello amenities.  It has kick ass ( sorry mom) community pools, tennis courts, hiking trails, playgrounds, etc.  More importantly is has a great on site day care facility, that is ranked in the top 5 in DFW and….wait for it… it sits on a golf course, which the Byron Nelson is played on…hello!  I am in love!!!

If anyone lives there I would live an insiders opinion? I already scoped out the Wholefoods, HOMEGOODS and Target all in under 5 minutes drive as well as some fabulous shopping center complete with Barnes and Noble ( we like to go there for Starbucks and reading for a cheap date night) .  But the feedback from neighbors was phenomenal…I am so freaking excited.

Overall, good , no GREAT weekend!


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