I’m Alive…

And have lots to share.  First and foremost I will be 29 in 4 days, gulp!!! I might as well be thirty, it has been a little wake up call to get it moving so here are some updates…

To date, in regards to my 2015 goals, I have made progress but not quite where I want to be yet. As far as homes go here is our second contender.  It sits in the 2nd highest ranked school district in DFW so big plus there, plus in an established neighborhood near a HOMEGOODS!

I am LOVING this kitchen, but the yard is teeny tiny and there is no play room. 😦

Moving right along, it has been 25 days since my last caffeinated beverage and I have pretty much kicked that habit to the curb, but instead have replaced it with cake pops…yikes.  Next week I will find out my ranking at work and I am EXTREMELY hopeful to come in at the top 10% but more to come there.

On the baby front, not much to report.  We do not fall in the 20% that conceive in their first cycle.  I will admit I am a little disappointed.  I assumed if I aligned everything, along with providing the optimal health conditions ( no alcohol, no caffeine, regular folic acid, etc.) I would easily conceive. Not so much the case.  I will admit I had some tears, but realistically know it was a long shot.  So back to it.

Anyways, if ever there was something to put things back into perspective for me it was seeing American Sniper.  This is an excellent movie.  It is a reminder of the sacrifice made by our armed forces.  It renewed my appreciation as well as my patriotism. I feel so honored to be an American and so very thankful for the freedoms I enjoy in life and for those who make it possible.


Those are my ramblings for this evening….a new capsule for Spring/Summer coming soon.


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