10 days to 29

And here are my CRAZY and WILD birthday plans.  Not really, all I want is Sprinkles cupcakes for breakfast, a day of netflix watching Reign ( which is awesome if you haven’t seen it yet ) and a date with my hubby at the Olive Garden without complaints.  The Olive Garden is at the top if our ” conflict” list, which may actually be a good thing, but bottom line….he HATES it, and I pretty much put it second in line to Disney World.  So plan to take advantage of this on my birthday.


Outfits Details:

*Shirt is from Nordstroms Rack and is Daniel Rain $30

*Leggings are H&M $30

*Boots are old Calvin Klein from DSW

*Necklace is Forever 21 ( so sad I still look here) $6

*Beauty products are from Sephora (old)

*I’ll never share my bag secret ( I get about 5 questions every time I leave the house but I’ll never tell 🙂 )



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