Our Journey…

I thought it may be a good outlet for me to blog thru my goals and progress this year, like a personal journal for memories as well as accountability of sorts ( work goal).  So as to be expected I jumped right on board with starting to gather information make preparations for my goals.   And for the purposes of this post we are going with goal#2- BABY. Today, I started with preparing my mind ( and body) for possible pregnancy.  Through my research, I have quickly learned nutrition, exercise and timing of the baby dance are key to success. So here we go into details…


This will be my first cycle of 2015, and thus far I have learned my LH surge, which typically proceeds and triggers ovulation comes a earlier then most.  I have habitually tracked my cycle length for a few years now so know to expect a regular 27 day cycle 99% of the time.  Most women encounter the LH surge somewhere between day 10 to day 14 producing an egg shortly after.  My surge came a little early starting day 9.  I guess this make sense for a shorter cycle.  I have also researched and I am amazed at how complicated conception is and for that matter, all the tribulations little embryos endure.  I’m feeling armed with education here and pretty excited to get this is gear.

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