What I expect to be one heck of an eventful year.  I wrote in previous posts that I don’t really do resolutions, as I am pretty goal oriented as it is.  But I do love closing one chapter and setting goals for my next.  This is something that drives Eric C-R-A-Z-Y, because I pressure him to participate in setting goals. I spent the last few weeks thinking thru goals which I wanted to accomplish in the upcoming 12 months.  I typically have a short list of goals and they don’t involve things like “be nicer,” not that being nice isn’t important, but I believe in specific, measurable goals with deadlines and time frames.  It could be that I support our sales functions at work…so you know how that goes quota quota quota ( blah blah blah). Alright, to get to it here are my 2015 goals…

1- Buy a house/ move to the suburbs

2- Have a baby/ conceive may be more appropriate

3- Rank in the top 10% in my job function

4- Find a church home ( to me this means community and involvement- stop dating churches and settle down 🙂 )

5- Kick my caffeine addiction for good

Quite the ambitious list, wouldn’t you agree? I would love to see what goals others are setting…


3 thoughts on “2015

  1. Love this list— I started off last year with “conceive by next NYE”—-and it was a crazy eventful year! Good luck, hope to read about you reaching all of these 🙂


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