A December Weekend…

Still prepping for Christmas in this house.  I think I have about 80% of the shopping done, which is a good thing as I will be traveling for work next week.  This weekend was a day of fun/ a day of planning.  Saturday was “date night” special addition.  For Christmas, Mr. Holt gave me tickets to the Nutcracker Ballet… Can we say EXCITED ( under statement of the year!). We dressed up and hit the town, then ended the night college style with Wataburger in our formals 🙂 !  We are classy like that. On the way we also caught roof top fireworks…EPIC date night here people.

Sunday I headed off to my mom’s where the Christmas wrapping commenced in full force.  4 hours and 2 coffees later we still had not finished, but I sure had. This girl has stuff to do.


When I got home there was enough down time that evening for a quick chalking and craft, while watching the Christmas episode of the Big Band Theory.  I made a simple Christmas paper garland for my chalkboard ( it seemed naked).  The paper was 40% off at Michaels and cost me about $6, I had the other supplies handy.  For details, I blogged about  it here at http://www.houseofholts.wordpress.com/2014/10/19/DIY-paper-garland/ .


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