Grocery Time Pt 1

I thought I’d walk thru a typical grocery list for the Holt household.  Every Sunday I make 2 trips, 1 to Wholefoods and 1 to Target.  Both are about 2 miles from our home, so I can typically knock it out in less then 2 hours total time.  Today, I am walking thru our Whooefoods trip.




This is a bulk of my cart.  I buy ALL our veggies here, which can get pricey, but is important to me.  Our list includes:

– Cucumber

– Green Beans

– Potatos

– Rosemary

-Pepper (whatever are fresh)

– Onions (chopped because I am lazy)

– Ginger

– Garlic

– Lettuce


– Assorted Kale leaves

– Celery, broccoli and carrots not pictured ( I had some left over from prior meals)




Seriously my favorite part of grocery shopping….is smoothie-o-Holic a thing? It may be, and I suffer from it.  Anyways, fruit list…


– Blueberries

– Razberries

– Bananas

– Apples

– Pineapple (again, the lazy in me wins)

– Lemons

– Pears

– Grapes

– Oranges (not pictured, I had these from prior meals)



AKA the danger zone! I must do a product plug here, confession – I bought the boom chica popcorn because in like the bag originally, but boy do I LOVE it!!!

On this list:

-Pizza (best back up plan)

– Crackers

– Chips

– Popcorn

– Beans

– Hummus




This is everything else.  It includes:

– Chicken

– Fish

– Milk

– Yogurt

– Cheese

– Coconut water

– Soy milk (vanilla and not pictured as I already had this from prior meals)

– Fresh Juice




I change up the juice types weekly, and it does get pricey. We really try to juice our own, but I always end up appreciating the back up plan.  I HIGHLY recommend these.


I will detail my target list followed by meal planning and budgeting in the near future. Stayed tuned for part 2!



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