Flea Market Finds

Overall, this weekend was CRAZY crowded at Canton.  I really wasn’t able to score any big finds, but did pull in some smaller treasures as well as really having fun with my mom.  The older I get the more and more I really enjoy her.  First, we found this local farmer who sold home grown herbs and….wait for it…infused honey.  You know how I love me some honey.  But infused? I was I heaven.  He also sells online, you can see the link to his products on the labels below.




I also picked up this little cutie, not vintage, not handmade, but totally unique,  I love the colors and this spoke to my insane globe obsession.


Finally, I did have one vintage find.  I found one item on my list…a diamond cut glass pitcher.  And…at $3 I had to do a mini happy dance.


And for giggles, my mom is on a whole other level.  She picked up this antique cradle for $99.  Can we say baby happy?  She puts me to complete shame.  Poor Mr. Holt, sometimes we are too much for him.


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