Happy Halloween & a Trip to the Flea Market

First of all happy Halloween!  Any holiday that combines candy and dressing up your pets is fine by me. :). We don’t really have any big plans outside of hoping the kids that come to our door don’t take Kit Kats! I didn’t really decorate this year outside of chalk drawings, but am planning on doing a little for Christmas.

Anyways, tomorrow my mom and I will be heading out to Canton.  This happens once a month and consists of miles upon miles of vendors selling crafts, jewelry, antiques, etc.  Let’s go ahead and get real 90% of the stuff there makes me want to vomit (aka ruffled hot pink chevron and burlap place mats with big crosses on them…YUCK), but there are handful of vintage vendors and you know I love a good find.  So here is my hunting list while in Canton…

1- Bar cart

2- Campaign furniture

3-Milk glass cake stand

4-Perfume Bottles

5-Vintage mirror

6-Diamond cut glass

There you have it, my ultimate wish list.  I will keep my eyes open for other goodies too, but this tops my list this trip.  Most likely we won’t be heading back until spring :(. Have a happy holiday!


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