DIY: Art

When was picking up the fabric last week, from the beloved and fabulous designer Nate Berkus from Joann’s, I stumbled across this bird fabric in the leftover bin.  It was about 5/6 of a yard and priced at $8.33 after my coupon for 40% off was used.  It was sold!  I love the playful colors, but more of a mature feel to it. It almost reminds me of a watercoloring.  I have had it for about 2 weeks now and last night decided I would frame it.  Because it is fabric, I didn’t need a professional.  I hopped over to IKEA and picked up a frame for about $17.  Most of the frames in my home are rectangular, so went with the square.  I measured about an inch of fabric around the edges of the back and cut to size.


Next, I folded like you would when wrapping a gift ( yay Christmas is almost here 🙂 ).  Then used scotch tape to secure the fabric tightly to the back of the frame.


i reconstructed the frame and there you have it. $26 art!  This totally beats out the $150+ prints I have be sourcing on Etsy. Pardon the cat, he is obsessed with this ( must be the birds) so could not snap a pic without him present.  I’ll be hanging this with other new prints later this week to our gallery wall. Stay tuned.



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