Fall Capsule Wardrobe: Progress

It is still 80 degrees here in TX, so I still have about 2-3 weeks to finalize my purchases.  I will say, when I started this I was expecting fun, but it is a little stressful.  However, what I’ve learned from my make up capsule is once it’s done, then it is done.  I have not purchased any beauty products, thought about it or stressed about making a decision for almost a month and it is liberating.  I am hoping my fall/winter clothing capsule will be similar.  Okay here is what I have so far (purchases only)…


So, what I have learned through shopping, I like comfort and casual clothing.  While I am attracted to the more glamorous textures in photos, I prefer high quality basics in real life.  More to come as I finalize it.  I am not even 30% to budget yet which is exciting !!!


*Puffer Jacket – Gap

*Basic Tee- Banana Republic

*Puffer Vest- J Crew Factory

*Thermal Tee- Aritzia


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