My Quest for a Vintage Mirror

So my bathroom is small.  VERY small! And morning are becoming increasingly difficult when you have one mirror and one prissy husband.  So I am thinking of creating a vanity area in lieu of a night stand on my side of the bed.  That said I decided to start with most important piece.  The mirror.  I want some fun that can transition down the road, and if I am going to shell out for a mirror, I don’t want something trendy that I will come to regret next year.  I also want something a little on the feminine side, as hello, it is a vanity, which mean s make up and jewelry will be displayed.  So I am going, you guessed it vintage.  Here are me top contenders collected from Craigslist and my fav thrift shops and antique halls. Let me know your preferences  please…in mind I am like ” okay, I’ll take them all!”  Unfortunately, this is not an option. 🙂



This one rings in at $198.  This would be quite the investment for me.  Check out this photo of guilt… I spy my coffee cup.


This is beauty is similar but not quite as ornate and rings in at $98.  I am also loving the horizontal shape.  Our ceilings are loft ceilings, so we really don’t need the vertical emphasis.


Not too far behind at $72.  I am loving the bow here, but not sure I like the idea of a bow anywhere but in a vanity space.  Pretty feminine, maybe too feminine. While we are on this picture, I may be going back for that rug…OMG, how did I not notice this while standing on it is beyond me.  I had mirror tunnel vision obviously.


And finally ringing in at $32.   However, it seems a little small and is at 22 inches.

Thoughts here? I need some help on this one!!!!


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