DIY: Book Covers

Okay, in our house we have an issue with hoarding.  Not like you see on that terrible TV show, where it is over the top.  But, more of specific items, one of which is old books.  I am pretty sure my husband has kept every book he has ever known, including big bulky text books.  This can become a little bit of a storage nightmare when you live in 650 square feet.  So, I tried using them as decor and now we have stacks of random books pretty much everywhere.  But some did these books are in pretty bad shape.  They needed a quick little “face lift”so I decided to make them book covers.  This project literally cost me no $, as I already owned the needed materials and now fit perfectly in my color scheme of our office nook.  What you will need is…

*Wrapping paper, I like the kind with grids on the back for straight lines

*Paint, I used acrylic paint and I LOVE Martha Stewart brands.  I used Cloud, Lake Fog, Rose Gold, Blueberry and Beach Glass.

*Paint brush, I personally like Artist’s Loft and they are cheap 😉

*Stencils (if you want them- I did some with and without)




First you want to cut nice thick pieces from your wrapping paper.  Don’t worry about them being measured perfectly.  That can be done later to place your preferred designs.  Now get crazy with your paint.  I free formed some and stenciled others below combing all types of paint.  I will say the metallic paint gives it a little more ump.  I LOVE a healthy balance of glitz.



Let these dry. I allowed 2 hours and made dinner while they dried.  Once dried, measure to your books.



This created a cohesive look and made for a fun craft while the weather was not so fun outside.  It could also be a Good craft to do with your kiddos.



I loved the the way it turned out.  I am trying to keep my office nook makeover under $150, but still chic and peaceful.  More to come on the rest of the makeover!!!




2 thoughts on “DIY: Book Covers

  1. What I like is you see something, like it, get an idea and do it! I see something like it and store the idea in my head and over time loose it! Lol. This blog will possibly inspire me to getter done 🙂


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