DIY : Glass Planter

It is a good, no scratch that, GREAT day when a plant in my home outgrows its current pot.  I needed to find a new home for my cactus.  See .  I searched for pots at all my usual places….Home Goods, Target, Crate & Barrel, but given the time of year the selection was ehh, or crazy expensive.  So I decided to get creative.  I picked up this vase at Home Goods for $3 last spring and it just sits under my sink, but I love that it is footed.  


Next i I dug out some old acrylic paint from my craft drawer and grabbed a paint brush.  If you don’t have paint I highly recommend Martha Stewart’s brand.  It is a little more expensive but good quality and I love her colors.  I had painted some canvases earlier thus year, using this color.  It is Cloud.


I put put about a quarter size drop of paint in the bottom and brought it up to the top using long strokes.  I only did one coat and it took about 24 hours to fully dry.  You may need two, but only paint the inside of the bowl.


The inside looks kind of messy, but no one will be seeing that, so left it and then planted my cactus so it has plenty of new space to grow.  I loved the way it turned out, and cost no $$$!!!!



This is super easy and a quick DYI!



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