These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Today is the home version…I’ll walk thru our home to share my favorite things with you.


Dip dye baskets from Target.  These were from the 2014 spring collection, you may still be able to pick them up on the clearance isle.  They fit with all decor styles and are super durable.  I loved them so much I bought them in all sizes for different uses.


My jewelry box.  I love this because it is functional…jk.  It is totally cute, and reminds me of the water color inspired wallpaper from Black Crow Studios,  which I dream of one day being able to afford. ( check out on Etsy).

Let me just show you this wallpaper so you fully understand.


Now here is my box…a girl can dream…


The gem cut lamp that sits on our console table.  This was a Home Goods find for $20.  This little cutie makes appearances on my blog often.



Hobb nail glasses.  These are so  fun and match everything.  I bought them from Macy’s.  They are from the Martha Stewart collection, originally $7.99 each, but you know I hit up the sales, so $3.99 a glass. Whoo whoo sales!!!



Acrylic jewelry storage pegs.  These are always at the container store for $9.99.  I bought 2 and they fit perfectly behind the door.


Teal mini bowl that I picked up at the local flea market for $4.



Marble kitchen gear…enough said!


Agate coasters.  I love these colors and these totally speak to me.  I eyed them on Pinterest for months, but kept waiting for them to go on sale.  When I got my first bonus check 2 years ago I bit the bullet and made a special trip to West Elm in Mockingbird Station to pick these up. ( still at West Elm for $54).



My antique milk glass cake stand. I picked this up at the local flea market for $20.


My favorite item in our home is the water color painting by David Rogers I purchased on Etsy of the Dallas skyline.  I love my city and the beautiful skyline.


There you have it…my favorite things 🙂

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